Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aozora Wiki: The Move

For all you longtime followers, you should all be aware of the series' official Wiki that has been ripe with information regarding my series since 2011. However, it is hosted on Wikia, which makes it difficult to browse with the site's over-reliance on advertisements and pop-ups.

The simplest solution is to use an ad-blocker, with u-Block being my preferred choice (should be available on every modern day browser). However, it'd be better to use the Wiki with less or no advertising without having to rely on add blockers at all.

Sadly, Wikia loves to feast on ad revenue (I pray I word that right) and I cannot remove them myself, so the only solution would be to relocate the Wiki to a while new site entirely.

Thus, I present to you all a new home for the series' information:

I will be steadily working to port over everything from the Wikia wiki to this new location, including uploading every single image (dear god help me) and converting every single template to work in ShoutWiki's radically different and less... user-friendly interference. All the character pages will also sport new "Personality" sections to go along with Appearance, Background, and Powers and Abilities, as you can see on Aozora's prototype article.

However I need to confess, I absolutely suck at making inboxes and navbox templates for use in articles, so I'll be willing to enlist outside help to make fancy infoboxes for both series and game concept pages perhaps independent from Wikia's own design. I also require figuring out how to make the navbox templates that show a full casting of characters function properly (as well as give them a fancy new color) without breaking the sidebar and sinking the bottom header of info into the ground.

I'll also be considering doing some artwork, including a new logo and background for the Shout Wiki, once I can get everything organized and figured out. Until then I'll gradually port some character pages over (missing

Monday, April 24, 2017

Aozora's Adventure Roboforce U.S.A.: Thinking of More

Well, this was an idea of mine that I had ever since Kirby: Planet Robobot was announced and it eventually drove me to making a concept with Aozora playing around and fighting bosses in a huge mech, potentially giving a focus on improving the mech and giving it slightly more presence, including being able to bring it inbetween levels. It would also serve as the main platformer installment of Arc 4, which otherwise wouldn't have a classic-styled Aozora platformer.

After Planet Robobot released, I called the concept "Roboforce U.S.A" due to the concept finding itself taking place moreso in the USA instead of Japan. Afterwards, I began to think of a starting plot, and decided on "Guy in the Americas steals seven top-secret humanoid battle robots, luring in the makers of those robots who now rest in space to descend to the planet's surface and obey his orders because he has the blueprints, and proceed a hostile takeover on the country. A rescue team from California who had dealt with this man in the past begin to search around the globe for possible new recruits, and during their search in Japan, they find Aozora and recruit him without question after he gets into a confrontation with one of the seven battle mechs that was leading an invasion there and holds them off-finding a large mini-mech armor of his own in the process that can use Power-Ups."

Part of the plot's characters pay homage to Metal Wolf Chaos (cause battle mechs in the USA) with the "guy" mentioned above being a stand-in for Vice President Richard Hawk- including similar attitude, cockiness, and using a mech armor of his own. The other half of it is based on Azure Striker Gunvolt, with the seven battle robots the villain releases to the world being done in the same style of the Seven Swordsmen and the Seven Grimoires that occupied the two Gunvolt games. They also would play homage to Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, and Super Bomberman R, each battle robot having their own giant mecha they can fuse with in one final effort to stop Aozora at the end of each Zone.

There would be a robot for each of the seven colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (instead of Pink), and Violet. Red would serve as the (secretive) leader of the robots and would be the first and last of the robots that Aozora faces (outside of the boss rush), having two mechs encountered in Worlds/Zones 1 and 7 respectively. Red meanwhile also gets a crazy "awakened" form when he is rematched later on. Blue is the second-in-command and is faced in World/Zone 7 before the eventual rematch against Red. The other colors are faced in the second through sixth worlds in reverse order (Violet, Indigo, Green, Yellow, and Orange). As for the main villain, he is faced in World/Zone 8, followed by what may be the total leader of the "robot makers", with a rainbow motif, referring to the robots as "his children".

The names of the seven robots are undecided, though I envision they would all follow a specific theme. (UPDATE: They now have names:)

Red - Wrath - Vauxen
Orange: Glutton - Slourstro
Yellow: Greed - Phasmor
Green: Envy - Morgaous
Blue: Pride - Tarumont
Indigo: Sloth - Roguem
Violet: Lust - Malianta

The man that would unleash them would be named Jonathan.

They would also follow these guidelines to try and make them more unique from the Swordsmen and Grimoires:

*The robots are in their "battle suits" 24/7, versus the Swordsmen and Grimoires that transform from casual wear into their battle suits. (Sorry if I get the terminology wrong)
*Their anatomical structures are slightly less humanoid, while still sporting human-like designs.
*Their faces use artificial human skin, except for Orange and Yellow.
*Their eyes would retain the colored eyes on black sclera look, the explanation being that they're LED lights that slide around the robot's eye socket.
*Their voices are somewhat broken, robotic, and distorted from years of inactivity (though that can't really be shown in art, heh) They can also be deactivated and reactivated by whoever has control over them.

All the robots would be offshoots (design-wise) of their respectively-colored Azure Striker Gunvolt swordsman (i.e. Red/Vauxen = Viper) though Blue/Tarumont would be an offshoot of Tenjian form the second Gunvolt (leaving Indigo/Roguem to be based on the first game's Blue: Merak)

Otherwise, that's pretty much all I got for this idea. Dunno when i'll go around to working on it more.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rock-Aozora 5

Because nobody wanted yet another Mega Man fangame concept that'll never get made, Rock-Aozora 5 ideas started erupting into my head.

Here's who and what you can expect for the eight Masters this time around:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aozora 64 2 Concept: The Eleven Weapons

You may remember a post I made from last year about villain group concepts that have not yet materialized much in the Aozora's Adventure series as of yet. These include Aozora's Adventure RPG, Aozora's Adventure 3D World, Aozora's Adventure 64 2, and Aozora's Adventure RPG 2.

The focus of this post will be on Aozora 64 2, as I have improved plans on how to approach it's roster of villains.

First, there's the normal group of villains- the main antagonists, who are led by the Seymor Guado expy (now known as Chronos) and consists of himself and five of his most loyal followers. Then comes the secondary villain squad, named the "Eleven Weapons" which are another group of eleven villains that support the Seymor Guado expy. Some of these may possibly survive into Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 where they join Leonore's army.

The Eleven Weapons are artificial human beings that were fused with mechanical parts and a particular weapon type, turning them into a living, breathing tool of destruction.

The Eleven Weapons are mostly intended to be a homage to the Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series- each member has a unique (though still malevolent and destructive) personality, their own exotic hairdo, and each wields their own weapon type. One wields swords, another uses knives, another uses drills, another uses a rifle... etc. Their appearances would be loosely based on and styled after the weapon type they're equipped and associated with.

The current roster of the Eleven Weapons would include the following:

  1. Excalo The Sword
  2. Reaper The Scythe
  3. Spearn The Spear
  4. Snipe The Sniper
  5. Hammero The Hammer
  6. Barroar The Shield
  7. Missul The Missile (♀)
  8. Chai The Chaingun
  9. Sawn The (Buzz)Saw
  10. Lagai The Drill (♀)
  11. Clashem The Knife
Sawn would play an overall role similar to Axel

I imagine their names would be somewhat exotic/unusual, though they'd definitely follow some kind of theme or pattern similar to the Organization XIII's usage of the letter "X" in each name.

Unlike the Witches, the Eleven Weapons only have one form each, though when initiating battle the Eleven Weapons are capable of altering their bodies in parts of their body to prepare for combat. When defeated, they self-destruct, leaving behind a fragment of themselves that functions as a standard weapon. If brought into a special chamber located in their base of operations, the weapon can be scanned into a machine and converted back into the fallen Eleven Weapons member, reincarnating them good as new.

I may also give all the Eleven Weapons a shared piece of gear styled after the Organization XIII's robes and hoodies, which all cover their bodies save for their feet and the bottom of their face (though to prevent them from being a total knockoff, it may be designed differently from XIII's robes- maybe it would be sleeveless or short-sleeved robes (so they can use their weapons while in their outfits to launch surprise attacks) with some kind of grey pattern along the bottom of the robes that's different for each of the Eleven Weapons.).

That's all I pretty much have for now. If I make any other advancements I'll be sure to add them.

(And no, these are not designed to be any similar to WARMEN/WARWOMEN)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Arc 4 Alpha Version

I've been thinking for a bit and I'm feeling like I should build up a preview for Arc 4 and some of the characters that would be featured within it. All of these would first primarily feature in Rock-Aozora 4, being the eight "Masters" of the game.

Prepare for more unoriginal concepts and mashups...

Blaster Man (Blasthor)
Based on:
Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)
Junkrat (Overwatch)

Signature Colors: Pale Yellow (with some other colors)

This dude would be one huge nod to Katsuki Bakugou, being a trigger happy nut with a bit of a malevolent (but still controlled) personality. Instead of wearing grenade-shaped gauntlets, he dual-wields two huge cylinder-shaped grenade launchers held with his arms bent in a semi- curling position, grappling onto the handles of each launcher. Each launcher has a handlebar that when pressed, launches a black and yellow bomb that explodes, followed by launching four smaller bombs that scatter around in different directions. On Blaster Man's back is a large machine that prepares and readies Blaster Man's bombs for fire, sending new bombs to the two launchers so they can be launched.

His hobby is traveling to old, abandoned locations and self-demolishing everything, not caring what the authorities think afterwards.

Computer Man (Mugi)
Based on:
Inkling♂ (in the Hero Suit) (Splatoon)
Cyandic (Hostility Ultimate Force)
Ren (DRAMAtical Murder)
Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends with You)

Signature Colors: Dark Blue, Light Cruelean, Light Grey

A teenage Korean hologram that was "born prematurely" due to him accidentally destroying the computer he was being created from while it was still downloading data into his body (due to underestimating his own power). This accident resulted in Computer Man being incomplete- He is unable to show or feel certain emotions and lacks a mouth to communicate with (though dialogue boxes within the games display Korean and Japanese emoticons which gives a hint on how Computer Man feels). The bulky headset he wears serves to keep his ability to function in the outside world properly in check- otherwise he will slowly deter into madness and crumble apart.

He has the ability to dismantle his arms at will into a strange blue energy and reform them into a variety of exotic firearms that use solid plasma as ammunition (preferring a high-performance machine gun), with the hand/arm still intact to pull the weapon's trigger once it is fully formed. If Computer Man requires lots of power for a certain weapon or tires himself out, his head will begin to radiate blue smoke.

Draco Man (Yasei)
Based on:
Haohmaru (Samurai Showdown)
Hanzo (Overwatch)
Kabuki Danjirou (Tengai Makyo/Far East of Eden)

Signature Colors: Red, Moderate Charteuse, Dark Indigo

A man born into a mixture of English and Japanese culture, Draco Man is a semi-muscular figure with an outfit stylized after both an English knight and a Japanese samurai (taking mostly after the later). He wields the Draco Saber, a sword with a hybridized design that takes after a knight’s blade and a katana.

Draco Man is infused with a type of green-colored draconic energy passed down through his bloodline, which grants the sword extreme power. When energy is focused into the sword, Draco Man can swing the sword to launch green razor-sharp blades, striking ranged targets. If charged, Draco Man can launch a disembodied dragon’s head from the sword to deal big damage.

Force Man (Physo)
Based on:
Crow (Crow)
Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
Taruruuto-Kun (Magical Taruruuto-Kun)

Signature Colors: Neon Magenta, Indigo

A mysterious being who has his eyes closed almost constantly, speaks softly, and wears a giant triangle-shaped pilot's cap with giant goggles. Force Man harnesses arcane powers that are limited by his eyes remaining shut- only opening them when provoked to attack with waves of psychic, revealing a strange marking on each eye. Aside form sporting all the skills common with psychics (including levitation, teleporting, and mind-reading, control and manipulation), Force Man can solidify psychic beams form his mind, colored indigo and magenta, that travel in a grid-based pattern. Charging up, Force Man can release many beams at once like a shotgun.

Force Man takes up a hobby of fortune telling, using his extreme powers to make people's fortunes, both good and bad, come true. He also crafts mystic and odd tools with his powers, primarily for his sole use.

Glamour Woman (Daiyama)

Signature Colors: Bright Violet, Peach

Unfortunately the least developed of the batch. Glamour Woman is an athletic, stuck-up rich lady in her late 20's with an affection for gemstones, wielding a whip and harnessing the power to generate crystals. Her signature attack is developing homing magenta-colored gemstones that spin on a horizontal axis as they float towards targets, shattering upon contact to deal damage. If there is no target, the spinning gemstones orbit around Glamour Woman until something is detected.

Hive Woman (Jamji)
Based on:
Mashiro Kuna and Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
Commander Yammark (Mega Man X6)
Gum (Jet Set Radio)

Morph Man (Mr. Morph)
Based on:
Mikey Mazzagatti (Elaticator)
Vectorman (Vectorman)

Signature Colors: Lime Green, Turqouise

A robot composed of a human head with short though somewhat wild brown hair, goggles, and numerous yellow-green spheres assembled in the shape of a muscular humanoid (with dark green hands and feet). Developed in California, he was created to help ward off threats across the state, but began traveling to other states and countries to boost his recognition. His attempts at being a "radical, hip, and cool dude" have not sat well with many, though he does have a set of dedicated followers despite his ego.

True to his (currently tempoary) name, Morph Man can reconfigure and reshape the spheres he is built from as they are made of a magnetic, solidified liquid to morph either a part of or his whole body into almost any object that is roughly his size or smaller, including forms capable of firing projectiles, exploding, or boosting Morph Man's movement. Some of the things he can morph his body into include arm cannons, motor-powered wheels attached to the sides of his feet, spiked maces for hands, a bouncy rubber ball, a rolling sphere covered in needles, spring-powered legs, and a massive fist to deliver megaton-haymakers to anything that is cleanly hit. Morph Man can make all but his core sphere (the one that serves as his chest) detach or disappear; as long as the core remains it can replenish any missing spheres and return Morph Man to his standard form. Morph Man's hair is also capable of growing, changing and solidifying into different shapes.

Paradox Men (Temp and Espa)

Signature Colors:

Paradox Man A: Dark Grey, Brown
Paradox Man B: Peach, White

A pair of time-traveling and time-bending acrobatics from France in steampunk-themed attire (one themed after the colors black and pale brown, the other white and peach). Hailing from the near future, they traveled across many different time periods before settling in on the timeline the series takes place in. The pair is rarely trustworthy and are quite the troublemakers, but they are watched upon by their mother, Mime Woman, the co-leader of the show the Paradox Men perform in.

The Paradox Men can freeze and distort time and space around them to inflict damage on enemies. They can also use their powers to move at blistering speeds; faster or slower than they appear to walk. Another of their powers involves the sudden appearance of solid objects to disrupt attackers.

I'll get to finishing these up later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Lost Villain Groups

Yeah, I do have way too many game ideas for Aozora's Adventure, four of which (outside the Oriental and Darkness sub-series) don't have any defined villainous groups like the main trilogy of Mario-style platformers (plus Gaiden), the first Aozora 64, and the three Mega Man-style games.

The four games are Aozora RPG, Aozora's Adventure 3D World, Aozora's Adventure 64 2, and Aozora's Adventure RPG 2.

Unlike the 2D Mario and Mega man styled platformers, these four games have not really been high priority for long enough to make me decide on the team of villains Aozora and/or his current allies would face. And unlike the higher-represented antagonists from the aforementioned platformers, these antagonists would have little to no possible representation in spinoffs.

RPG's series of villains is undeveloped- It would have a main villain that's unique to it (with Joker becoming a secondary antagonist) along with several other villains. A few of them would pay very light homage to villains from both Super Mario RPG and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

3D World's league of villains would all serve Robo-Aozora and would contain eight key members and at least sixteen (maybe seventeen) lesser members.

Aozora's Adventure 64 2 is probably the most thought-of the villain groups, being a loose tribute to the antagonists of Final Fantasy X (the leader having a hairstyle and head/face shape similar to Seymor Guado) and the Organization XIII form Kingdom Hearts. As Aozora travels through the timelines/alternate realities in the game (Near-Desolate World, Future At War, Joker's Nightmare, Kurayami's Nightmare, and a fifth as of yet named alternate timeline led by the Seymor expy, where he One Wing Angels and becomes a multi-phase final boss in the end). There would be a total of twelve members including the Seymor expy, seven of them being found in the two Nightmare timelines, two in the unnamed fifth period, and the last three (including the Expy himself) in the endgame stages.

Aozora's Adventure RPG 2- being the most recent, is at square 0. No idea of what kind of villains would appear have been thought of as of yet.

As of now I don't really plan to get these groups designed yet (except maybe the Aozora 64 2) since as stated elsewhere I can't kick these projects off just yet.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rock-Aozora 4 Boss name concepts

As I said on my main blog I currently have no plans to continue the Aozora's Adventure series past Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 until I actually start making the games in the series in some form. However just for fun I'll give some ideas for the "Masters" of a hypothetical fourth Rock-Aozora title. I'll try not to let these names contrast with other fan-made Masters from major fangames.

*Blast Man: Heavy-duty demolition worker wearing two giant grenade launchers on his arms.
*Computer Man: Humanoid hologram colored completely navy blue with shapeshifting arms.
*Draco Man: European/Asian Dragon-themed knight/samurai hybrid primarily colored green and red
*Force Man: Psychic powered-human
*Glamour Woman: primarily pink and girly gemstone-themed fighter
*Hive Woman: Human-sized insect lady wearing mild yellow/green pilot gear
*Morph Man: Shapeshifting human made of bright green orbs with a human head
*Paradox Men: black/white time-traveling manipulator duo whose colors (and hair styles) are opposite of each other.

Weapon info:

*Blaster Bomb is a large powerful bomb that is launched forwards before exploding into an explosion that scatters several smaller and weaker bombs.
*Computer Arm causes your character’s Buster to de-pixelate and reshape into a buster that rapid fires fast-traveling long beams and has a high ammo count
*Draco Saber is a sword that shoots an energy wave towards the edge of the screen that accelerates as it travels and can be charged to have the wave take the shape of a dragon's head.
*Force Field sends a wave of physic energy that travels across the screen (resembling a black field with blocky magenta lines traveling through it); charge it for an even bigger field that travels faster and wider.
*Glamour Gemstone lets you shoot homing gemstones trailed by smaller gemstones. If they don't have a target to head for they'll orbit around you, and then when a target appears they'll head for it. If the enemy has a shield or barrier, the gemstone will orbit them until they cancel their shield, from there they'll dive into the enemy/boss and damage them. And you can also have up to three gemstones orbiting around you, waiting for targets.
*Hive Option summons three humanoid-dragonfly people that circle you. Upon shooting your own buster, they’ll shoot theirs as well. Each dragonfly has individual health and provide shielding to the user: With three, you only take one quarter the damage if something directly strikes you, with two your defenses go to half damage, and with only one, you take three quarters the damage.
*Morph Body lets you do one of three different actions depending on how you attack: Aim up, down, or straight and you’ll morph into one of three different forms. One is a giant sphere that you can control to steamroll through enemies, one transforms your lower legs into engines (complete with the sides of your feet sprouting wheels) and enable you to dash through the stage, and the last causes your legs to sprout springs to jump higher and bounce into enemies.
*Paradox (REVAMP IN CONSIDERATION) lets you freeze time for as long as ammo remains, followed by consuming large chunks of ammo to distort time and space to damage and destroy foes on-screen. Combining Time/Flash Stopper and Gravity Hold into one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharkane: the SteveINSANE package.

Not too long ago I commissioned my good buddy SteveINSANE for a few drawings of my man Sharkane. Today the package containing it and all the extra goodies I got came in, so now I can scan and upload them.

Thanks you again, Steve! These are truly incredible. ^_^

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Aozora's Adventure - Logo Styles

Not canon to the series, mind you, but just a few things I whipped up for fun over the past few years.

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to describe the gameplay of Aozora's Adventure 64

So after a few ideas flew through my head recently I decided to give everyone a brief description of the general gameplay of Aozora's Adventure 64, it's sequel, 64 2, and spinoffs 64 Darkness and 64 Darkness 2.

The games play as a mish-mash of platformers, beat 'em ups, hack and slashers, RPG's, and FPSes. Player characters have 3D Mario-styled movements, a hack-and-slash combat system ala games like Devil May Cry, weapon swapping systems ala Donkey Kong 64 (but much faster/instant, with two slots for weapons ala the Halo series), and a GUI styled after the one found in the Kingdom Hearts games. It's RPG mechanics come from getting points, ala Super Paper Mario, to level up player's Health, Attack, Defense, Weapon Attack, and Weapon Defense.

You have a movement joystick, a joystick for changing camera angles, a D-Pad used for activating either the Quick Menu in singlepalyer or taunts/ping in multiplayer, a jump button, two attack buttons (one for light/main and another for heavy/alt) a crouch button, a dodge button, and a lock-on button.

During the game's single player story modes, Aozora/Dedrick can find a large variety of what's known as "Gear", which include swords, guns, hammers, gloves, boomerangs, and starting in 64 2, miscellaneous tools that can be equipped to give extra abilities. On consoles, pressing "Weapon Switch L" and "Weapon Switch R" will cycle between melee attacks, the first weapon and the second weapon.

*Swords: Any bladed weapon falls under this category. These are secondary Melee options that allow players to attack differently than with basic melee, such as with greater range, higher agility/speed, or attack power, along with additional perks and effects.
*Guns: Used to weaken foes from a distance by firing bullets and other projectiles. Includes automatic firing weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. Guns that are more effective at close range tend to deal greater damage.
*Hammers: Large objects on a stick used to pound opponents with. They tend to have the strongest attack power of any of the weapons, but can be somewhat slow, including weighing down a user and their maneuverability should they have it currently equipped.
*Gloves/Boots: Unlike other weapons, these are always shown on the wearer's hands at all times and are active when standard melee is selected. These enhance the user's melee attacks in some way, such as adding effects or providing them with elemental damage, among other boosts.
*Miscellaneous Tools: Anything that isn't used for directly attacking, either to boost something on the user, assist allies, or disrupt opponents. Sometimes, these tools will be in effect when the weapon in the other slot or standard melee is being used.

Gear can provide attack, defense, or speed boosts when equipped (even if not currently in the user's hands), alongside various types of elemental damage. In Multiplayer, the players instead use "mass-produced" versions that are player-balanced and sometimes give out nerfs/stat reductions when used if wielding the weapon has some kind of positive stat enhancement.

In Multiplayer, players create a custom avatar from scratch, which can use one of the following body styles, available in both genders.

*Young Adult
*Slim Adult
*Muscular Adult
*XL (Heavy) Adult

Avatars can be customized in many, many ways, with simple and advanced customization. In Advanced, players pick front hair style, top hair style, back hair style, eyes (including eye shape, color (of both the iris and the sclera, as well as adding eye shadow), nose, mouth, ears, headwear, head accessory, neck, shirt (with three layers to allow for open coats and the like), wrist-wear, hands, belts, pants-top, pants-bottom (also with multiple players), socks (if wanted), and footwear. All of these parts can be individually colored, some even with multiple colors/patterns. Tattoos on the skin and decals/patches on clothes are also possible.

Each type of avatar has different base stats, with varying power, defense, and agility. Switching genders does not change the base stats, so therefore a female Young Adult will have the same base stats as a male Young Adult. Stats can be customized by adjusting each one individually- when rising one stat, the others will drop steadily. Depending on how you change your stats and what weapons/equipments you pick, your character is given one of seven different labels.

*Balanced - A style that can play well on any role.
*Offensive - A style geared for directly attacking forces.
*Defensive - A style that is geared for guarding defending key locations on a map, but can also deal damage if necessary
*Speedy - A style based on high speed, usually enforcing hit-and-run strategy, but is quite frail.
*Tank - The opposite of Speedy. They're big, can take and deal hits, but move slow.
*Support - A style that provides direct aid to allies and/or disrupt enemy forces, while having small offensive presence.
*Tricky - A variation of Balanced, a character that battles through unorthodox strategies or a perfect blend of two different playstyles without going into Balanced.

You can save up to 30 different character designs and bring 1 into each battle, with 5 weapon loadouts for each character with the ability to swipe weapons from downed enemies and the map itself and use them until death, though some gametypes/maps will start you off with no weapons or a basic weapon set, requiring you to seek out equipment on the map.

The following game modes are what I'm considering for the 64 series, with game modes colored blue being free-for-all with no set teams.

==Deathmatch Arenas==

>Team Deathmatch
Last Man Standing
>Team LMS
>Team Juggernaut
>Team Possession
King of the Hill
>Team KotH
>Sticky Bombers
Boss Battles
>Light vs. Dark

(if arenas are symmetrical, CTF game modes can be played as well)

==CtF Arenas==
Capture the Flag
>One Flag CTF
>Stockpile Flags
Attack the Base
Team KotH
>One Bomb Assault
Double Payload
Two-Team Payload

==Defender Arenas==
Battery Attack
Flag Defender
Team Sneaking

==Circuit Arenas==
Demolition Derby

==Other Arenas==
Balloon Race
Water Balancers

==Sports Centers==

(Currently in progress)