Monday, June 21, 2010

Aozora Jitsuwa Character Design Contest 2: Witches

Hello everyone. I am here to explain the main concept of this new contest I'm starting to help design another antagonizing group, that generally is a group of eight evil witches and will act as rivals to both Aozora, his friends and the Jetters, and the A.C.E.S. Each member will have two forms, the first being typical casual wear, the other being the character in his/her transformed state, when they resemble (somewhat) of a real anime-styled witch. (think Fumiko from Shikigami no Shiro, and Jiro from Black Blood Brothers, but much, much different.)

So here's how it works:
*You simply draw your entry in two outfits; the basic casual wear, and the transformed witch outfit. You are allowed to submit them one-after-the-other, but they must appear to be the same size and have the same hair/eye color. (in other words, same character, but different and more detailed outfit.)

*~NEW~ If you are only able to make the character's witch transformation, and not his/her normal form by the deadline, then I will create a human form myself of your entry should it be one if the winners of the contest.
*~NEW~ If you cannot draw the character in either form for the contest, you may write a written description of the character.
*The character's appearance must be appropriate (13+). If the character's privates are clearly visible and uncovered, your character will be disqualified from the contest.
*The character must be between the ages of 11-30.
*If you like, you may submit both a male and a female for the contest. It is very unlikely both characters will be accepted, but it gives you a little more of an opportunity of winning. (I'm not forcing you to do only one gender!)
*The character must not be holding or using a broom or basic black/white wand. If you want to make the character use a wand in his/her attacks, it must be well-detailed and at least half the size of a character. As for hats, they're allowed, but please be creative with those as well.
*If your entry does not fit the requirements but I still like it, I will edit it myself in my official concept artwork when (that is, if) he/she gets drawn by me.

Simpliy put, take your time, and put as much effort as you possibly can in designing your character. When you're done and your character is ready to be entered, contact me in any way or form possible on my deviantART account (Comment/Note), or send me an e-mail with your submission if you do not have a deviantART account.

The deadline will be September 3rd, 2010, but the deadline may be changedd for any reason. If something happens where I get very few entries by the deadline, I might end up starting another round of the contest, just like with the Jetter contest I held last year.

Once the deadline passes, I will then rate each entry based on their overall appearance, and the top 8 will get to be in Aozora Jitsuwa, and all related media (games, manga, animations, anything). The first and second place winners (1st being for females only, second for males only) will be declared the main leader and co-leader of the gang. The third-eighth place winners will still be in the series, and will receive average-sized features.

So, I wish best of luck to all those that are entering the contest. If you have no desire of participating, you can always help out in naming the witch gang, since I haven't actually come up with one as of yet. ^^;
If you would like to spread the word about this contest, please do so.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fanart by Liquid10

Hello. Today I am here to feature a piece of Aozora Jitsuwa fanart done by a friend of mine named Liquid10. The other day, I had requested to do something special for my upcoming-at-the-time birthday, and he completed it the day directly after that special day. To be honest, it's a good piece, as it simply is a gang of Aozora's friends, family, and mortal enemies. It's brilliantly colored, but besides the green on Redd's outfit being too bright, the only problem I see is that some of the characters are not the correct size. (Aozora, Britly, Kokoro, Zidra, Redd, Beta, and Simon are too small/short, while Club, Heart, and Joker are too large.)

But anyways, I'll leave you with the full image to see for yourselves.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello. This is the official blog for the Aozora Jitsuwa series, were I'll post anything related to the series on this blog. My other blog, Super Justin: the Blog, will be used for harsh life situations and major gallery updates, among other things. This blog will be for Aozora Jitsuwa-exclusive content.