Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Roast and Frost Elites in detal

-Copied from my dA.-

I dunno why I'm having a bit of a trouble with writing this, considering it's something related to my own projects.

With that said, anyone that has been sticking around probably knows of my intentions for Aozora's Adventure III, the third main story of my Aozora's Adventure series. Though no designs of them have surfaced, I know pretty well how some of them (including the Aozora's Adventure Gaiden group) would look.

What's primarily stopping me of actually getting out and drawing these characters is that there's only about one or two specific parts of that character that I can indeed say is complete, with the other parts either being extremely simple, nonexistent at all, or too similar to the inspiration(s) of that character. This is what's stopping me from working on Rodrigo, or any other "boss character" from Gaiden or III.

The intended looks for the Gaiden guys are detailed in a blogpost I made a year and a half ago.
The III cast is much less incomplete, since I'm getting too sidetracked from actually developing them and imagining their designs to finding good names and asking around for people I could hire to draw up the concept, and from there I would draw the artwork. Going on a brief description of each boss would be tricky, but I'll try to sum it up as best as I can.

Roast # 1: A somewhat flamboyant/cocky blonde pyroknesis with modernized ancient greek/rome-inspired clothing, and angel wings on his back. Currently has the filler name "Icarus Man".

Roast # 2: A primarily white-colored armored knight that's javelin/lance themed; He has a large lance that's curved outwards like a needle built on his right arm, with a small opening on the tip to allow him to shoot fire out of the lance. His helmet also has a lance theme, with a long, triangle-shaped visor pointing outwards (but a standard, solid-color mouthguard) and a bushy red feather on the top. A shield is held by his left hand. He currently has "Joust Man" as his filler name.

Roast # 3: Think Toriko from the series of the same name armed out with bulky, heavy-duty black armor with loads of weaponry built into the armor, similar to Mega Man's Napalm Man.

Roast # 4: The only female of the Roast Elites, meant to be themed around a South American festival/carnival dancer with bright colors. She also has slightly darker skin than the other members.

Roast Leader: Think Tsumugu Kinagase and to a certain extent Ira Gamagori from Kill la Kill merged together and redesigned around a volcanic theme, with the same type of black armor Roast Elite # 3 has but designed to be volcano themed instead of weaponry-themed. He currently has the filler name "Volcano Man".

Frost # 1: A boy in his early teenage years (13-14ish) with spiky black hair with light blue highlights and somewhat wild blue/cyan/sky blue clothing.

The Frost Elites will have to come at a later date as they're very much nonexistent design-wise at this moment.

If anyone feels generous enough and wants to contribute, by all means go ahead. I wouldn't force it.