Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aozora Wiki: The Move

For all you longtime followers, you should all be aware of the series' official Wiki that has been ripe with information regarding my series since 2011. However, it is hosted on Wikia, which makes it difficult to browse with the site's over-reliance on advertisements and pop-ups.

The simplest solution is to use an ad-blocker, with u-Block being my preferred choice (should be available on every modern day browser). However, it'd be better to use the Wiki with less or no advertising without having to rely on add blockers at all.

Sadly, Wikia loves to feast on ad revenue (I pray I word that right) and I cannot remove them myself, so the only solution would be to relocate the Wiki to a while new site entirely.

Thus, I present to you all a new home for the series' information:

I will be steadily working to port over everything from the Wikia wiki to this new location, including uploading every single image (dear god help me) and converting every single template to work in ShoutWiki's radically different and less... user-friendly interference. All the character pages will also sport new "Personality" sections to go along with Appearance, Background, and Powers and Abilities, as you can see on Aozora's prototype article.

However I need to confess, I absolutely suck at making inboxes and navbox templates for use in articles, so I'll be willing to enlist outside help to make fancy infoboxes for both series and game concept pages perhaps independent from Wikia's own design. I also require figuring out how to make the navbox templates that show a full casting of characters function properly (as well as give them a fancy new color) without breaking the sidebar and sinking the bottom header of info into the ground.

I'll also be considering doing some artwork, including a new logo and background for the Shout Wiki, once I can get everything organized and figured out. Until then I'll gradually port some character pages over (missing