Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aozora cameos in Pirate Madeline!

It's true, the main protagonist of the series makes a suprise appearance in Pirate Madeline, a webcomic drawn by my good pal Randommode!

The page Aozora appears on is the tenth page, shown here. On the second panel, take a close look at the ship the giant Golem crushes apart!


It's pre-mid-2011 (aka classic) Aozora, in all his cyan glory. Looks like he need some backup from the Jetters!

Thanks much to Random for drawing this. C;

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A third game!?!

UPDATE: More info on Aozora's Adventure III here!


It's true. Sometime after I get done with Aozora's Adventure II, I'll be moving on to other projects, leading up to Aozora's Adventure III. Now keep in mind the games are still not in active development, but with how things go around my turf, I may design both Aozora's Adventure and Aozora's Adventure II at the same time as my idea is shoving quickly towards the second game more than the first with the selected theme and bosses in place (that doesn't mean I hate the Jetters, mind you).

Of what little info I came up with in regards to AAIII, here's what I came up with. Aozora's Advrnture III would take place in 2021, two years after the second game. All the main cast gets new redesigns to give them a more "wild" feel. World 1 would be known as "Icarus Skyroads Zone", and with it would bring in a gothic punk on rollerblades with neon colors as the first main boss, who attacks with hand-crafted scythes and balloons with spikes, as she has a mild carnival theme to her.

Aozora would get a true rival in this game; a mostly red-colored punk going by the name "Jigoku" as it means Hell (while "Aozora" means the sky, the exact opposite of Hell).

Inb4 a s*%#storm begins, I'd like you all to know this is currently in a very early point of development, and I'm looking to have it become a large community project in comparison to the second game, with players and fans alike designing both the enemies, bosses, environments, and submitting their personal alterations to the existing cast. This idea alone is why AAIII will be on the backburner until the series gets a good reputation, especially in Japan, compared to all the hype I'm giving over Aozora's Adventure, 64, Oriental, Darkness, RPG, Rock-Aozora, II, Gaiden, and others. So please don't go bashing this idea when it's still in it's ideas stage.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ball-Kun: Pumped up and Ready to Roll Out!

And the "Pumped Up" part is literal.

As per the recent decision to make the characters in Tiny Lab Production's Orborun into humanoid robots that transform into balls, Ball-Kun of course got this treatment. And darn, he's looking quite slick.

I'm not sure if this will become cannon to the Aozora's Adventure series with Paku-Chan getting the redesign as well, but I may have the idea cameo at one point or another.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Slots for Donation characters

Further info on donated characters and others: click here.

Here's a full listing of what slots I have for each plot and sub series, aside from possible designs for Aozora's Adventure Gaiden (which TBH I may just do most of myself)

Aozora's Adventure: Oriental - Characters based on Japan's medieval period.

*Hero #4
*Hero #5
*Main Villain
*Villain #2 - Taken. Done by Cheppoly.
*Villain #3
*Villain #4
*Villain #5
*Villain #6
*Villain #7

Aozora's Adventure: Darkness - Demon characters based around goth/metal theme.

*Vinzenz replacement with a non-revealing outfit and mechanical limbs able to form a variety of sharp blades, like the Chicken from Robot Chicken.
*Fellow "students" of Dedrick's place of education.
*Villain #2
*Villain #3
*Villain #4
*Villain #5
*Ranaka retool

Aozora's Adventure RPG -

*Ally #1 - Pirate based character
*Ally #4 - Western-themed character
*Zeshiro Retool
*Ally #7 - Gunfighter based character
*Villain #1
*Villain #2
*Villain #3
*Villain #4
*Villain #5
*Villain #6
*Villain #7

Aozora's Adventure Gaiden -

Find their intended purposes/traits here.

Aozora's Adventure III -

(Details on Roast and Frost Elites)
*Roast Elite #1 Icarus/Angel-themed - Taken. Done by BetaOfTheBass.
*Roast Elite #2 Knight-themed
*Roast Elite #3 War-themed
*Roast Elite #4 Festival-themed
*Roast Elite Leader

*Frost Elite #1
*Frost Elite #2
*Frost Elite #3
*Frost Elite Leader

Aozora's Adventure III -
*Master #1 - Gothic punk girl on rollerblades with many bright colors.
*Master #2 - Electric-themed character with a slasher grin, evil-looking eyes and blonde spiky hair that shoots up.
*Master #4
*Master #5
*Master #6
*Master #7
*Master #8

*Elite Villain #1
*Elite Villain #2
*Elite Villain #3
*Elite Villain #4
*Elite Villain #5

*Jigoku (Main rival of Aozora) - wears a fire/punk themed outfit.

Anything else will become recurring allies/sidekicks/enemies/rivals or part of a future project.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dumping color sketches

For the sake of anyone that needs a reference of Sharkane and/or Gotobuki, since I've been very caught into other activities as usual and thus haven't been in the mood for drawing lately. I live some crazy life. (.__.¡)

I'll see about trying to give other characters like Kazuhiko, Heren, Girou, Kento, Orochi, Migonette or Izanagi colored sketches alike these two.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Regarding fan-donations

UPDATE: For available slots for characters, please look here.

Alright everyone. About a few months ago I got some complaints regarding the variety of fan-donated characters that I've accepted into my series but seem to have not been brought up again ever since their concepts were first revealed by the author, one even suggesting that they take back their OC's since I haven't done much, if any regarding each donation.

Allow me to list off why I'm doing character donations in the first place, and further proof that I still have the intention of inserting donations into the series no matter how long it takes me to do the series' first major project.

The idea itself of allowing donated characters was influenced by the Mega Man series. For all the games from the second to the seventh, contests were held prior to each game's release where fans were able to submit their own Robot Masters design concepts. The top 8 would have their designs put into the game and would receive a free copy of the game enclosed in a special collector's cartridge (minus the seventh). The eighth game instead only had six slots for Robot Masters, and they had to be built from a template, while two (Tengu and Astro Man) were developed in-house by Capcom themselves.
*Similarly, the doujin-soft title Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel did this, where a total of five new characters could be created by fans and inserted into the game.

The Jetters and A.C.E.S. have already been phased into the story so well that taking them out to create new replacements would be a chore. And they all have good designs to boot (though I may consider reworking Higure a bit to make him a little less flamboyant) and I don't want the efforts their original authors took in to be put to waste. The original nine Jetters are going to be boss characters in the first game while in both 64 and II, they'll be side characters. In any other adaptations of the stories, they'll gain key roles.

This gives out opportunities for multiple very unknown character/conceptual authors to be part of a soon-to-be big-name series; but I guess this doesn't count due to Aozora's Adventure's very unlikely chances of going mainstream.

Characters that are accepted are guaranteed to make it into the series as either recurring support/sidekick characters (such as Heren, a design of my own), or as recurring/key villains. They won't be simply for just making a design that has no chance of being part of an official/bigger project, alike a few contests I've seen now and then.

Speaking of contests, this really as a whole is not something I'd consider a "contest" as there's really no prizes aside from just having a design of yours become part of the series. Everyone who gets a design accepted is a winner here. I may consider starting up particular contests based around this idea with actual prizes to claim, but not now since I don't want people going to think their efforts were wasted.

Do any submitted designs become 100% my properties only? Absolutely not! Any donated designs can still be used by their creators with no limits and for any necessary purposes he/she desires, such as for roleplaying, entering contests, inserting into one's own story, etc.

Any further questions can be asked.
You may also read the official readme here:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet the villains of Aozora's Adventure Gaiden

A few days ago I revealed to the public a new sub-chapter in the series, "Aozora's Adventure Gaiden", which takes place in north-eastern Africa. The overall design of the environment will be nods to adventure/fantasy anime/manga, most preferably Fairy Tail and One Piece.

As I also revealed, I'd be accepting concept donations for four of the seven conformed antagonists for this story, which'd boil down to the following:

♀*Talisha, a lazy woman whom boasts about her ability to manipulate water. Originally considered her to be obese with a wide head, but considering how I don't have many sexy girls in my series compared to others... I'm currently thinking something alike Reika Aoki's Cure Beauty form from Smile Pretty Cure!, and Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail.
♀*Ptolema (Wiki page here), a blonde warrior angel (complete with wings) who fights with white daggers, wind-based attacks, and other speedy/flying techniques. Think of it as like a different interpretation and design of Elysium from Soul Calibur V and Angewomon from Digimon.
♂*Gratien, a psychopath with many amounts of body damage, razor-sharp teeth, and a chainsaw embedded into his right arm. I designed the concept with Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler in mind, but cruder and more mysterious with lots of clothing damage.
♂*Erebos (Wiki page here), the leader of the others shown here; a male shirtless overlord with long spiky hair, large muscles and incredible power. Intended to sport illusions to Idaten from Cho Aniki, but of course with a bit of a darker and edgier tone considering how mine is a villain. The role he plays is overall similar to Terra from Mega Man V. Erebos' primary color scheme would be navy blue, with minor use of pinks, and purples.

The other three I'm currently unsure if I'll get to designing myself:

♂*Nirave, a black-haired goth with smooth, spiky hair (including sporting a very long piece of hair that extends out from the left of his forehead and covers his right eye.), battling his opponents with a metallic doppelgänger hologram of himself and teleporting skills. He is one large parody of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (especially taking after DIO), though his appearance is heavily based on Duplex Man from the canceled Mega Man 3 ROM Hack ''Mega Man Odyssey''. (Design made by CHAOS-CHAOS-CHAOS)
♂*Rodrigo, a hyper-energetic and crude latino with black/red hair that shoots upwards, his primary attacks involving both pyrokinesis and stone-based abilities. He is modeled off of Rufio from the film Hook with some themes from Natsu from Fairy Tail. (design made by ColorMyMemory)
♂*Bojun, a massive, muscular character with extreme strength and bull-like characteristics. Similar in appearance and structure to Uranus from Mega Man V and Zavok from Sonic Lost World with a bit of Potemkin from Guilty Gear Xrd.

Character donations are not required, and thus entirely optional.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

3D-Zora: Aozora in a new dimension!

A recent RL friend of mine, who goes by the name buriedinadream on deviantART, did this quite impressive model of Aozora in 3D (which is still in progress). He doesn't have the jacket on (yet), and the pilot's cap was exchanged for a helmet with blue visors, but it's quite close enough.

Hopefully the model will be fully completed someday. When it is, I'll make sure to get a post out about it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Matthias Sketch Ref

I'm certain this sketch is now two and a half years old, but considering how I never bothered to do an improved sketch of Matthias, I just took my existing sketch, fixed up a few things, and listed off his color scheme.
If you're wondering what's up with the "Skin" color, the small wedge represents the color of the various markings around Matthias' neck.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet Fayato

For the record, yes, Fujimoto form Ponyo was this man's main inspiration.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Sharkane bust... for reference purposes.

Yes yes I'm certain I've done some "weird" stuff with my creations lately, preferably the men. Though I don't want to disgust my viewers (of very little that actually view this blog, I felt like showing off a very cut version of NSFW art (for the best of reasons) of Sharkane, probably the most masculine of any other character in Aozora's Adventure.
Why I'm posting this is implied by the title, for reference since I've never done any form of colored art of Sharkane (his Buddypoke avatar doesn't count). By now I should really find something to do with my lady characters, so maybe I can gush out some well-needed fan service.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Items of Aozora's Adventure

Remember how I mentioned that the Aozora's Adventure side scrollers would use Mario power ups? Here's the complete list of the ones set to be represented in the second game: