Monday, October 22, 2012

Rock-Aozora Weapon Icons

Thanks to Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, "Mega-Fever" has sprung inside me, and I created icons for just about all the weapons Rock-Aozora would have utilized should it exist.
As I said previously on my main blog, this Mega Man clone would feature many unique features that other clones tend to overlook, such as the ability to fire in any eight directions (five when on the ground) like Contra and Vectorman, and the crouch, which even a few Mega Man clones (Magical Doropie and Darkwing Duck, the later was an actual Capcom title) included to dodge attacks and fire at targets closer to the ground. It'd have item sacks suspended from poles and ceilings, revealing a random item plus gold sacks that give out upgrades if you open fire on enough times, and diamonds as a form of currency. Alike Mega Man 7, (also 9 and 10) there will be a shop, sometimes ran by Toshi, though there is a chance Sakaki will take the shopkeeper's seat.

As I said before, these are only ideas as to what could come. I'm not making the games just yet, and they're not really "take thats" against other clones, just to show one done from my perspective.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keanu Profile Art Preview

Thanks to Keanu's simplicity, I was able to make a good amount of progress on him within a short time.
I still need to finish up on his left foot as well as add a few details to the outfit. But it's hard to believe a design that turned a year old last month and I'm finally getting around to his profile art.

In terms of whom he is, Keanu is one of those fancy men that you always find getting lucky down at the casinos. He's a hardcore gambler, and will do anything to keep himself looking attractive for the ladies. His main skill is going above the limits of "magic tricks" with a deck of cards that Keanu can levitate at will. These cards can act as a barrier to block a wide variety of attacks, and counter by flinging them back at opponents at high speeds, slicing through. Other hobbies include breakdancing and singing.

Keanu's first appearance in the Aozora's Adventure canon would be the Mega Man fan clone Rock Aozora as one of the pawns of Joker. The weapon Aozora receives from him is known as "Gambler's Cards", which is a take on all the sheild/barrier abilities that Mega Man can acquire throughout the ten games, the first of its kind being the Leaf Shield from Wood Man. After that game, he becomes loyal to the main protagonists, alike Fakhriya, Shinobu, and TaiYang. I could reveal more about how Keanu came to be, but that would cause me to mention Super Justin *shrug*.

One influence for Keanu's design was this car commercial that a new-deflunct Youtube user created a Youtube Poop of a few years ago, sporting the same colors (though the man represented had an afro, while Keanu has messy hair). On par with Gotobuki, Keanu was also based on part by one of my classmates from senior year, whom became a very big force to reckon with, appearing at every after-school event and devoting a large amount of his time to helping the school. We weren't off to a good start, but weeks passed, and I would develop a good friendship with him.

I'm not going to make any deadlines for myself alike before, so when Keanu's finished, he's finished.