Monday, October 22, 2012

Rock-Aozora Weapon Icons

Thanks to Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, "Mega-Fever" has sprung inside me, and I created icons for just about all the weapons Rock-Aozora would have utilized should it exist.
As I said previously on my main blog, this Mega Man clone would feature many unique features that other clones tend to overlook, such as the ability to fire in any eight directions (five when on the ground) like Contra and Vectorman, and the crouch, which even a few Mega Man clones (Magical Doropie and Darkwing Duck, the later was an actual Capcom title) included to dodge attacks and fire at targets closer to the ground. It'd have item sacks suspended from poles and ceilings, revealing a random item plus gold sacks that give out upgrades if you open fire on enough times, and diamonds as a form of currency. Alike Mega Man 7, (also 9 and 10) there will be a shop, sometimes ran by Toshi, though there is a chance Sakaki will take the shopkeeper's seat.

As I said before, these are only ideas as to what could come. I'm not making the games just yet, and they're not really "take thats" against other clones, just to show one done from my perspective.

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