Saturday, December 15, 2012

The full glossary of Rock Aozora's Weapons.

Felt like sharing so people can see the weaponary I've come up with.

Aozora Buster (P)
Damage: 1, 1.5, 3
Alludes to: Mega Buster (Mega Man series), Rifle (Contra series), M-Ball (Vectorman series)
Cost: Infinite

The starting weapon, Aozora Buster is the weakest weapon in the game, and the only one to not be backed up by an energy gauge. It can be fired in seven directions while standing/running, and eight when the player is on any clingable surface. The Buster has three power levels, initially the smallest is fired for every press of the Fire button, while holding down said button for at least one half of a second after the charge cues in will power up the Buster shot by one stage, then once more after an additional second. Regardless of the power levels of Buster shots fired, only three may be present on screen at a time.

Ooze Grappler (GR)
Damage (Grappler): OHKO (Small Enemy), 6 (Anything Else)
Damage (Thrown Enemy): 9
Alludes to: Scorpion Spear (Fegaman vs. the World) Wire Adaptor (Rockman 4 Minus Infinity)
Cost: 3

The Ooze Grappler is a weapon that shoots out a hand made of slime that can reach to the edge of the screen, which has two alternative uses based on the directions it's aimed. If shot to the left or right, downwards or diagonally downwards, it will phase through all walls, and can be used to capture items and enemies (ignoring enemy defenses). Items collected with the Ooze Grappler are automatically "swallowed" by the hand and are sent to Aozora, where he collects the item(s) the hand obtains. If an enemy is caught by the Ooze Grappeler, the hand encloses the enemy inside a green bubble and brings it back to Aozora, where he holds onto it. The trapped enemy can then be tossed in any of eight directions to deal a great amount of damage, and can also go through walls and strike multiple enemies at once. Larger enemies and mini bosses cannot be grabbed by the Ooze Grappler, but still take damage upon contact with the Ooze Grappler.

The second function: if the Ooze Grappler is shot upwards or diagonally up, it can be stopped by, and latch upon walls and ceilings. If it does hit a wall or celling, rather then retracting back, it pulls Aozora to the location of the Grappler's hand, alike a grappling hook, upon a second tap of the fire button, which allows it to dub as a pseudo-transport item.

Sandstorm Ripple (FK)
Damage: 3, Pierces enemy defenses
Alludes to: Swirlwinds (Donkey Kong Land), Cold Wall (Mega Man & Bass)
Cost: 2

Sandstorm Ripple will generate two tornados made with sand and launch them in opposite directions. Each tornado will bounce when they hit a wall and will continue moving in the opposite direction until it hits another wall and comes back, repeated until a total of five bounces where afterwards they break apart. Small mobile enemies hit by a tornado are launched up into the air and have their speed reduced when they return to the ground; however if the enemy is KO'd by the tornado, it blows up normally when it lands, alike if killed by any other weapon. It's possible for a launched enemy to inflict damage on another enemy (such as a flying one) after being shot up by the tornado.

Rocker's Beam (MH)
Damage: 1 (One Halo) 3 (All Halos and on Bosses)
Alludes to: Flash Light (Doraemon FC), Noise Crush (Mega Man 7)
Cost: 1/2

Rocker's Beam is launched from a cyan-colored electronic guitar, firing three halos that expand out and get larger as they travel across the screen (but go through a cycle of changing size slightly when they reach a certain size). Each ring fired by one round of the Rocker's Beam can inflict damage separately- using it can strike a single enemy thrice.

Hunter Needle (SB)
Damage: 5, Pierces enemy defenses if shot properly.
Alludes to: Gemini Lazer (Mega Man 3), Rebound Gun (Thing Thing Arena 3), Super Shot (Vectorman 2)
Cost: 4

Hunter Needle sprays out four needles in a shotgun-like fashion, which can ricochet off walls. When a needle does bounce off a wall, it auto-targets the nearest enemy to strike, bouncing off adjacent walls if necessary to succeed in hitting it's target. Each needle will usually go for a separate target if many are present on the screen, however some needles may attempt to impale the same target(s) should there be only a few on the screen.

Sunset Blade (TY)
Damage: 14
Alludes to: Flame Sword (Mega Man 8), Grollschwert (Rosenkreuzstilette)
Cost: 1

Being a close-range weapon, Sunset Blade is the most powerful of any of the weapons in the game, with the ability to pierce defenses. Pressing the attack button will cause Aozora to swing the blade instantly, charging the attack beforehand will release a small blast of fire from the ground where the sword strikes, which allows the attack to reach much farther distances.

Toxin Sludge (OC)
Damage: 4 Pierces enemy defenses
Cost: 2

Toxin Sludge throws forwards three sticky bombs, which detonate two seconds after thrown. They can stick onto any surface, including enemies, and are able to damage an enemy multiple times with one bomb, as the explosion each Toxin Sludge sets off lasts for a second before disappearing.

Warfare Sniper (KT)
Damage: 1, 10
Alludes to: Metal Buster (Fegaman vs. the World), Sniper Rifle (Halo series)
Cost: 1/10 (Normal) 4 (Charged)

Warfare Sniper has two different firing modes. The first, by repeatedly tapping the fire button, is a machine gun that is the same strength of an uncharged Aozora Buster, however the extreme amount of weapon energy- one unit for every 10 shots, and the rapid pace, and speed at which each bullet is shot make the weapon effective. Charging up the Warfare sniper allows one to convert four Machine Gun shots into a single Sniper shot, the game's most powerful projectile power up, which flies across the screen in an instant, making it very effective for firing at far range.

Gambler's Cards (KU)

Damage: 2 (uncharged), 2-7 (Charged, calculated based on number of cards left)
Alludes to: Leaf Shield (Mega Man 2), Magic Card (Mega Man & Bass)
Cost: 3

Gambler's Cards generates two overlaying shields of playing cards that revolve around Aozora in opposite directions, which can be fired at a very fast speed each, inflicting twice the damage of the Aozora Buster uncharged. The cards, when orbiting the user, are also capable of absorbing small enemies and (almost) any type of weak projectile before disintegrating, and as the number of cards declines, the speeds at which the cards revolve increase, to ensure protection of the user. Charging while the shield is activated will allow Aozora to fling the entirety of the shield in any of the eight directions, causing considerable damage.

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