Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rock Aozora World 4 character ideas.

Oh yeah, you saw this coming.
While I still don't plan on officially starting on full development of Arc 5's roster just yet, I figured I'd spare some details on concepts for a proposed finale to a hypothetical handheld Rock Aozora lineup of stories (similar to what Mega Man V/Rockman World 5 was to the Mega Man Game Boy games).

This would be Rock Aozora World 4, in which Aozora travels to southeastern Europe to fight eight "Masters" named after and loosely based on various greek and roman legends and mythologies. So far, only four of them have been decided on.

Since these characters have their backstories traced back to being living legends of sorts (and some perhaps being several hundred years old), I would go for a more mythological and magical approach to these characters than the high-tech urban fantasy one that you see most of my characters in. Sufficient to say that these particular characters won't lift all the characteristics of the myth, and they'd receive my typical spin on character creation.

With that said, here's the four I currently have:

  • Chiron: A dorky blonde bishonen centaur with moderately well-toned muscles. He wears a gauntlet of sorts with a special archer's bow mounted on it and has a supply of light-infused arrows which leave a consistent beam of semi-solid light in it's path when fired. The arrows travel really fast and can bounce off walls, and the beam of light left by the arrows remains for about a second, possibly doing more damage. Chiron also wears specially-crafted horses' shoes which are filled with magic, allowing Chiron to make very high leaps into mid air and perform powerful kicks. Inspiration-wise I see him with having a light touch of Sin Kiske from Guilty Gear, but a bit older-looking and not as childlike or prone to silly animations/expressions.
  • Hercules: A big, well-developed muscular powerhouse with long and messy (but perhaps not super long) red-brown hair standing at an impressive eight feet tall, wearing primitive but still modern and decently detailed clothing including a scarf of sorts, metal gauntlets and boots, a custom-made loincloth that covers both the front and back (though he also wears bulky pants of sorts underneath which, along with the loincloths, are attached onto a large belt worn around the waist). Hercules at his heart is a brawler who enjoys every aspect of a good fight and proudly displays the scars he received form years and years of combat. Because of his status as a legend, he is quite popular with the people that inhabit his homeland, women especially. His claim to fame is being the wielder of one of the world's biggest swords; a steampunk-themed engine blade with cogs and gears across the base that allow Hercules to lift it and slam it down. I initially based Hercules off of the Titan boss/summon from the game Granblue Fantasy, though not as big and with less of an over-exagerated body/hair/scarf/sword size. I may want to try some other visual tweaks to make him more unique as well.
-WIP, more to come later-

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aozora Wiki: The Move

For all you longtime followers, you should all be aware of the series' official Wiki that has been ripe with information regarding my series since 2011. However, it is hosted on Wikia, which makes it difficult to browse with the site's over-reliance on advertisements and pop-ups.

The simplest solution is to use an ad-blocker, with u-Block being my preferred choice (should be available on every modern day browser). However, it'd be better to use the Wiki with less or no advertising without having to rely on add blockers at all.

Sadly, Wikia loves to feast on ad revenue (I pray I word that right) and I cannot remove them myself, so the only solution would be to relocate the Wiki to a while new site entirely.

Thus, I present to you all a new home for the series' information:

I will be steadily working to port over everything from the Wikia wiki to this new location, including uploading every single image (dear god help me) and converting every single template to work in ShoutWiki's radically different and less... user-friendly interference. All the character pages will also sport new "Personality" sections to go along with Appearance, Background, and Powers and Abilities, as you can see on Aozora's prototype article.

However I need to confess, I absolutely suck at making inboxes and navbox templates for use in articles, so I'll be willing to enlist outside help to make fancy infoboxes for both series and game concept pages perhaps independent from Wikia's own design. I also require figuring out how to make the navbox templates that show a full casting of characters function properly (as well as give them a fancy new color) without breaking the sidebar and sinking the bottom header of info into the ground.

I'll also be considering doing some artwork, including a new logo and background for the Shout Wiki, once I can get everything organized and figured out. Until then I'll gradually port some character pages over (missing

Monday, April 24, 2017

Aozora's Adventure Roboforce U.S.A.: Thinking of More

Well, this was an idea of mine that I had ever since Kirby: Planet Robobot was announced and it eventually drove me to making a concept with Aozora playing around and fighting bosses in a huge mech, potentially giving a focus on improving the mech and giving it slightly more presence, including being able to bring it inbetween levels. It would also serve as the main platformer installment of Arc 4, which otherwise wouldn't have a classic-styled Aozora platformer.

After Planet Robobot released, I called the concept "Roboforce U.S.A" due to the concept finding itself taking place moreso in the USA instead of Japan. Afterwards, I began to think of a starting plot, and decided on "Guy in the Americas steals seven top-secret humanoid battle robots, luring in the makers of those robots who now rest in space to descend to the planet's surface and obey his orders because he has the blueprints, and proceed a hostile takeover on the country. A rescue team from California who had dealt with this man in the past begin to search around the globe for possible new recruits, and during their search in Japan, they find Aozora and recruit him without question after he gets into a confrontation with one of the seven battle mechs that was leading an invasion there and holds them off-finding a large mini-mech armor of his own in the process that can use Power-Ups."

Part of the plot's characters pay homage to Metal Wolf Chaos (cause battle mechs in the USA) with the "guy" mentioned above being a stand-in for Vice President Richard Hawk- including similar attitude, cockiness, and using a mech armor of his own. The other half of it is based on Azure Striker Gunvolt, with the seven battle robots the villain releases to the world being done in the same style of the Seven Swordsmen and the Seven Grimoires that occupied the two Gunvolt games. They also would play homage to Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, and Super Bomberman R, each battle robot having their own giant mecha they can fuse with in one final effort to stop Aozora at the end of each Zone.

There would be a robot for each of the seven colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (instead of Pink), and Violet. Red would serve as the (secretive) leader of the robots and would be the first and last of the robots that Aozora faces (outside of the boss rush), having two mechs encountered in Worlds/Zones 1 and 7 respectively. Red meanwhile also gets a crazy "awakened" form when he is rematched later on. Blue is the second-in-command and is faced in World/Zone 7 before the eventual rematch against Red. The other colors are faced in the second through sixth worlds in reverse order (Violet, Indigo, Green, Yellow, and Orange). As for the main villain, he is faced in World/Zone 8, followed by what may be the total leader of the "robot makers", with a rainbow motif, referring to the robots as "his children".

The names of the seven robots are undecided, though I envision they would all follow a specific theme. (UPDATE: They now have names:)

Red - Wrath - Vauxen
Orange: Glutton - Slourstro
Yellow: Greed - Phasmor
Green: Envy - Morgaous
Blue: Pride - Tarumont
Indigo: Sloth - Roguem
Violet: Lust - Malianta

The man that would unleash them would be named Jonathan.

They would also follow these guidelines to try and make them more unique from the Swordsmen and Grimoires:

*The robots are in their "battle suits" 24/7, versus the Swordsmen and Grimoires that transform from casual wear into their battle suits. (Sorry if I get the terminology wrong)
*Their anatomical structures are slightly less humanoid, while still sporting human-like designs.
*Their faces use artificial human skin, except for Orange and Yellow.
*Their eyes would retain the colored eyes on black sclera look, the explanation being that they're LED lights that slide around the robot's eye socket.
*Their voices are somewhat broken, robotic, and distorted from years of inactivity (though that can't really be shown in art, heh) They can also be deactivated and reactivated by whoever has control over them.

All the robots would be offshoots (design-wise) of their respectively-colored Azure Striker Gunvolt swordsman (i.e. Red/Vauxen = Viper) though Blue/Tarumont would be an offshoot of Tenjian form the second Gunvolt (leaving Indigo/Roguem to be based on the first game's Blue: Merak)

Otherwise, that's pretty much all I got for this idea. Dunno when i'll go around to working on it more.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rock-Aozora 5

Because nobody wanted yet another Mega Man fangame concept that'll never get made, Rock-Aozora 5 ideas started erupting into my head.

Here's who and what you can expect for the eight Masters this time around:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aozora 64 2 Concept: The Eleven Weapons

You may remember a post I made from last year about villain group concepts that have not yet materialized much in the Aozora's Adventure series as of yet. These include Aozora's Adventure RPG, Aozora's Adventure 3D World, Aozora's Adventure 64 2, and Aozora's Adventure RPG 2.

The focus of this post will be on Aozora 64 2, as I have improved plans on how to approach it's roster of villains.

First, there's the normal group of villains- the main antagonists, who are led by the Seymor Guado expy (now known as Chronos) and consists of himself and five of his most loyal followers. Then comes the secondary villain squad, named the "Eleven Weapons" which are another group of eleven villains that support the Seymor Guado expy. Some of these may possibly survive into Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 where they join Leonore's army.

The Eleven Weapons are artificial human beings that were fused with mechanical parts and a particular weapon type, turning them into a living, breathing tool of destruction.

The Eleven Weapons are mostly intended to be a homage to the Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series- each member has a unique (though still malevolent and destructive) personality, their own exotic hairdo, and each wields their own weapon type. One wields swords, another uses knives, another uses drills, another uses a rifle... etc. Their appearances would be loosely based on and styled after the weapon type they're equipped and associated with.

The current roster of the Eleven Weapons would include the following:

  1. Excalo The Sword
  2. Reaper The Scythe
  3. Spearn The Spear
  4. Snipe The Sniper
  5. Hammero The Hammer
  6. Barroar The Shield
  7. Missul The Missile (♀)
  8. Chai The Chaingun
  9. Sawn The (Buzz)Saw
  10. Lagai The Drill (♀)
  11. Clashem The Knife
Sawn would play an overall role similar to Axel

I imagine their names would be somewhat exotic/unusual, though they'd definitely follow some kind of theme or pattern similar to the Organization XIII's usage of the letter "X" in each name.

Unlike the Witches, the Eleven Weapons only have one form each, though when initiating battle the Eleven Weapons are capable of altering their bodies in parts of their body to prepare for combat. When defeated, they self-destruct, leaving behind a fragment of themselves that functions as a standard weapon. If brought into a special chamber located in their base of operations, the weapon can be scanned into a machine and converted back into the fallen Eleven Weapons member, reincarnating them good as new.

I may also give all the Eleven Weapons a shared piece of gear styled after the Organization XIII's robes and hoodies, which all cover their bodies save for their feet and the bottom of their face (though to prevent them from being a total knockoff, it may be designed differently from XIII's robes- maybe it would be sleeveless or short-sleeved robes (so they can use their weapons while in their outfits to launch surprise attacks) with some kind of grey pattern along the bottom of the robes that's different for each of the Eleven Weapons.).

That's all I pretty much have for now. If I make any other advancements I'll be sure to add them.

(And no, these are not designed to be any similar to WARMEN/WARWOMEN)