Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aozora 64 2 Concept: The Eleven Weapons

You may remember a post I made from last year about villain group concepts that have not yet materialized much in the Aozora's Adventure series as of yet. These include Aozora's Adventure RPG, Aozora's Adventure 3D World, Aozora's Adventure 64 2, and Aozora's Adventure RPG 2.

The focus of this post will be on Aozora 64 2, as I have improved plans on how to approach it's roster of villains.

First, there's the normal group of villains- the main antagonists, who are led by the Seymor Guado expy (now known as Chronos) and consists of himself and five of his most loyal followers. Then comes the secondary villain squad, named the "Eleven Weapons" which are another group of eleven villains that support the Seymor Guado expy. Some of these may possibly survive into Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 where they join Leonore's army.

The Eleven Weapons are artificial human beings that were fused with mechanical parts and a particular weapon type, turning them into a living, breathing tool of destruction.

The Eleven Weapons are mostly intended to be a homage to the Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series- each member has a unique (though still malevolent and destructive) personality, their own exotic hairdo, and each wields their own weapon type. One wields swords, another uses knives, another uses drills, another uses a rifle... etc. Their appearances would be loosely based on and styled after the weapon type they're equipped and associated with.

The current roster of the Eleven Weapons would include the following:

  1. Excalo The Sword
  2. Reaper The Scythe
  3. Spearn The Spear
  4. Snipe The Sniper
  5. Hammero The Hammer
  6. Barroar The Shield
  7. Missul The Missile (♀)
  8. Chai The Chaingun
  9. Sawn The (Buzz)Saw
  10. Lagai The Drill (♀)
  11. Clashem The Knife
Sawn would play an overall role similar to Axel

I imagine their names would be somewhat exotic/unusual, though they'd definitely follow some kind of theme or pattern similar to the Organization XIII's usage of the letter "X" in each name.

Unlike the Witches, the Eleven Weapons only have one form each, though when initiating battle the Eleven Weapons are capable of altering their bodies in parts of their body to prepare for combat. When defeated, they self-destruct, leaving behind a fragment of themselves that functions as a standard weapon. If brought into a special chamber located in their base of operations, the weapon can be scanned into a machine and converted back into the fallen Eleven Weapons member, reincarnating them good as new.

I may also give all the Eleven Weapons a shared piece of gear styled after the Organization XIII's robes and hoodies, which all cover their bodies save for their feet and the bottom of their face (though to prevent them from being a total knockoff, it may be designed differently from XIII's robes- maybe it would be sleeveless or short-sleeved robes (so they can use their weapons while in their outfits to launch surprise attacks) with some kind of grey pattern along the bottom of the robes that's different for each of the Eleven Weapons.).

That's all I pretty much have for now. If I make any other advancements I'll be sure to add them.

(And no, these are not designed to be any similar to WARMEN/WARWOMEN)

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