Monday, October 24, 2016

Arc 4 Alpha Version

I've been thinking for a bit and I'm feeling like I should build up a preview for Arc 4 and some of the characters that would be featured within it. All of these would first primarily feature in Rock-Aozora 4, being the eight "Masters" of the game.

Prepare for more unoriginal concepts and mashups...

Blaster Man (Blasthor)
Based on:
Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)
Junkrat (Overwatch)

Signature Colors: Pale Yellow (with some other colors)

This dude would be one huge nod to Katsuki Bakugou, being a trigger happy nut with a bit of a malevolent (but still controlled) personality. Instead of wearing grenade-shaped gauntlets, he dual-wields two huge cylinder-shaped grenade launchers held with his arms bent in a semi- curling position, grappling onto the handles of each launcher. Each launcher has a handlebar that when pressed, launches a black and yellow bomb that explodes, followed by launching four smaller bombs that scatter around in different directions. On Blaster Man's back is a large machine that prepares and readies Blaster Man's bombs for fire, sending new bombs to the two launchers so they can be launched.

His hobby is traveling to old, abandoned locations and self-demolishing everything, not caring what the authorities think afterwards.

Computer Man (Mugi)
Based on:
Inkling♂ (in the Hero Suit) (Splatoon)
Cyandic (Hostility Ultimate Force)
Ren (DRAMAtical Murder)
Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends with You)

Signature Colors: Dark Blue, Light Cruelean, Light Grey

A teenage Korean hologram that was "born prematurely" due to him accidentally destroying the computer he was being created from while it was still downloading data into his body (due to underestimating his own power). This accident resulted in Computer Man being incomplete- He is unable to show or feel certain emotions and lacks a mouth to communicate with (though dialogue boxes within the games display Korean and Japanese emoticons which gives a hint on how Computer Man feels). The bulky headset he wears serves to keep his ability to function in the outside world properly in check- otherwise he will slowly deter into madness and crumble apart.

He has the ability to dismantle his arms at will into a strange blue energy and reform them into a variety of exotic firearms that use solid plasma as ammunition (preferring a high-performance machine gun), with the hand/arm still intact to pull the weapon's trigger once it is fully formed. If Computer Man requires lots of power for a certain weapon or tires himself out, his head will begin to radiate blue smoke.

Draco Man (Yasei)
Based on:
Haohmaru (Samurai Showdown)
Hanzo (Overwatch)
Kabuki Danjirou (Tengai Makyo/Far East of Eden)

Signature Colors: Red, Moderate Charteuse, Dark Indigo

A man born into a mixture of English and Japanese culture, Draco Man is a semi-muscular figure with an outfit stylized after both an English knight and a Japanese samurai (taking mostly after the later). He wields the Draco Saber, a sword with a hybridized design that takes after a knight’s blade and a katana.

Draco Man is infused with a type of green-colored draconic energy passed down through his bloodline, which grants the sword extreme power. When energy is focused into the sword, Draco Man can swing the sword to launch green razor-sharp blades, striking ranged targets. If charged, Draco Man can launch a disembodied dragon’s head from the sword to deal big damage.

Force Man (Physo)
Based on:
Crow (Crow)
Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
Taruruuto-Kun (Magical Taruruuto-Kun)

Signature Colors: Neon Magenta, Indigo

A mysterious being who has his eyes closed almost constantly, speaks softly, and wears a giant triangle-shaped pilot's cap with giant goggles. Force Man harnesses arcane powers that are limited by his eyes remaining shut- only opening them when provoked to attack with waves of psychic, revealing a strange marking on each eye. Aside form sporting all the skills common with psychics (including levitation, teleporting, and mind-reading, control and manipulation), Force Man can solidify psychic beams form his mind, colored indigo and magenta, that travel in a grid-based pattern. Charging up, Force Man can release many beams at once like a shotgun.

Force Man takes up a hobby of fortune telling, using his extreme powers to make people's fortunes, both good and bad, come true. He also crafts mystic and odd tools with his powers, primarily for his sole use.

Glamour Woman (Daiyama)

Signature Colors: Bright Violet, Peach

Unfortunately the least developed of the batch. Glamour Woman is an athletic, stuck-up rich lady in her late 20's with an affection for gemstones, wielding a whip and harnessing the power to generate crystals. Her signature attack is developing homing magenta-colored gemstones that spin on a horizontal axis as they float towards targets, shattering upon contact to deal damage. If there is no target, the spinning gemstones orbit around Glamour Woman until something is detected.

Hive Woman (Jamji)
Based on:
Mashiro Kuna and Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
Commander Yammark (Mega Man X6)
Gum (Jet Set Radio)

Morph Man (Mr. Morph)
Based on:
Mikey Mazzagatti (Elaticator)
Vectorman (Vectorman)

Signature Colors: Lime Green, Turqouise

A robot composed of a human head with short though somewhat wild brown hair, goggles, and numerous yellow-green spheres assembled in the shape of a muscular humanoid (with dark green hands and feet). Developed in California, he was created to help ward off threats across the state, but began traveling to other states and countries to boost his recognition. His attempts at being a "radical, hip, and cool dude" have not sat well with many, though he does have a set of dedicated followers despite his ego.

True to his (currently tempoary) name, Morph Man can reconfigure and reshape the spheres he is built from as they are made of a magnetic, solidified liquid to morph either a part of or his whole body into almost any object that is roughly his size or smaller, including forms capable of firing projectiles, exploding, or boosting Morph Man's movement. Some of the things he can morph his body into include arm cannons, motor-powered wheels attached to the sides of his feet, spiked maces for hands, a bouncy rubber ball, a rolling sphere covered in needles, spring-powered legs, and a massive fist to deliver megaton-haymakers to anything that is cleanly hit. Morph Man can make all but his core sphere (the one that serves as his chest) detach or disappear; as long as the core remains it can replenish any missing spheres and return Morph Man to his standard form. Morph Man's hair is also capable of growing, changing and solidifying into different shapes.

Paradox Men (Temp and Espa)

Signature Colors:

Paradox Man A: Dark Grey, Brown
Paradox Man B: Peach, White

A pair of time-traveling and time-bending acrobatics from France in steampunk-themed attire (one themed after the colors black and pale brown, the other white and peach). Hailing from the near future, they traveled across many different time periods before settling in on the timeline the series takes place in. The pair is rarely trustworthy and are quite the troublemakers, but they are watched upon by their mother, Mime Woman, the co-leader of the show the Paradox Men perform in.

The Paradox Men can freeze and distort time and space around them to inflict damage on enemies. They can also use their powers to move at blistering speeds; faster or slower than they appear to walk. Another of their powers involves the sudden appearance of solid objects to disrupt attackers.

I'll get to finishing these up later.

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