Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rock Aozora World IV, the Finalized Cast

After some time of conceptualization, I think I may have a full, definitive list for what the eight "boss characters" for Rock-Aozora World IV would be known as.

Here's a quick rundown with a brief description.

  • Hercules: Ultra-strong humanoid with a greratsword. (Wiki page here)
  • Chiron: Centaur with armored gauntlets with a built-in archery set. (Wiki page here)
  • Thalassa: Mermaid with the power of geysers and water typhoons.
  • Oya: Naga with pyrokinesis granted through a special piece of jewelry.
  • Gemini: Twin jester-like humans- actually one entity that splits off into two.
  • Hades: A hooded human being who fights using the powers of a spectral coat.
  • Anthea: A human girl with power over plants, flora, and wind.
  • Helios: A human that fights with a mixture of heat and solar energy.
With the exception of Oya, these characters all take their names, backstories, and abilities after figures in Greek mythology. They all dress in outfits styled after both modern trends and traditional ancient greek wear (with the balance varying for each character, and in Oya's case her dress code is much different, styled after African tribal wear).

There would be two more characters in this group, but none of them are part of the main eight: there's Arachne the drider, a friend of Oya (and a personal rival of Anthea), and Typhon, an exotic but dastardly harpy based on a phoenix with some serpretine elements to his design (instead of being full on serpentine) and a reputation for being despised by everyone. Erebos and Kelthilda from Aozora's Adventure Gaiden would have loose ties to these ten characters, but they would rarely be seen with this group, if ever (though they would still play a part in the story).

Once I get more into developing some of the currently undesigned characters I have (and getting them, well, designed), then I'll likely move onto these ten. Of course there's also the Rock-Aozora 5 cast I have to develop.

Maybe during next month I might sketch out some rough concepts of some of these on Twitter.