Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Roast and Frost Elites in detal

-Copied from my dA.-

I dunno why I'm having a bit of a trouble with writing this, considering it's something related to my own projects.

With that said, anyone that has been sticking around probably knows of my intentions for Aozora's Adventure III, the third main story of my Aozora's Adventure series. Though no designs of them have surfaced, I know pretty well how some of them (including the Aozora's Adventure Gaiden group) would look.

What's primarily stopping me of actually getting out and drawing these characters is that there's only about one or two specific parts of that character that I can indeed say is complete, with the other parts either being extremely simple, nonexistent at all, or too similar to the inspiration(s) of that character. This is what's stopping me from working on Rodrigo, or any other "boss character" from Gaiden or III.

The intended looks for the Gaiden guys are detailed in a blogpost I made a year and a half ago.
The III cast is much less incomplete, since I'm getting too sidetracked from actually developing them and imagining their designs to finding good names and asking around for people I could hire to draw up the concept, and from there I would draw the artwork. Going on a brief description of each boss would be tricky, but I'll try to sum it up as best as I can.

Roast # 1: A somewhat flamboyant/cocky blonde pyroknesis with modernized ancient greek/rome-inspired clothing, and angel wings on his back. Currently has the filler name "Icarus Man".

Roast # 2: A primarily white-colored armored knight that's javelin/lance themed; He has a large lance that's curved outwards like a needle built on his right arm, with a small opening on the tip to allow him to shoot fire out of the lance. His helmet also has a lance theme, with a long, triangle-shaped visor pointing outwards (but a standard, solid-color mouthguard) and a bushy red feather on the top. A shield is held by his left hand. He currently has "Joust Man" as his filler name.

Roast # 3: Think Toriko from the series of the same name armed out with bulky, heavy-duty black armor with loads of weaponry built into the armor, similar to Mega Man's Napalm Man.

Roast # 4: The only female of the Roast Elites, meant to be themed around a South American festival/carnival dancer with bright colors. She also has slightly darker skin than the other members.

Roast Leader: Think Tsumugu Kinagase and to a certain extent Ira Gamagori from Kill la Kill merged together and redesigned around a volcanic theme, with the same type of black armor Roast Elite # 3 has but designed to be volcano themed instead of weaponry-themed. He currently has the filler name "Volcano Man".

Frost # 1: A boy in his early teenage years (13-14ish) with spiky black hair with light blue highlights and somewhat wild blue/cyan/sky blue clothing.

The Frost Elites will have to come at a later date as they're very much nonexistent design-wise at this moment.

If anyone feels generous enough and wants to contribute, by all means go ahead. I wouldn't force it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aozora's Adventure: Darkness Concept references.

This is mostly for anyone that wants to help build up the roster for Aozora's Adventure: Darkness, aka the side-story focusing on Dedrick in a more dark/punk/goth setting/universe.

And yes, that is A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Signs inspirations you're seeing pictured, along with a some Robot Chicken and Son of the Mask (again yes, THAT movie.., anything to give a good or a half-descent design from a shitty movie some love).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Several High-Quality sketches

These three are characters that I seemingly forgotten about since I first designed them back in 2011/2012.

From top to bottom they are
*One of the antagonists of the Darkness side story, using Wolverine-style claws to attack.
*A character first appearing in Aozora's Adventure Gaiden, assisting Aozora during his flight to North Africa. He is very similar to Toshi, though while Toshi is more into electronics, this character is more of a basic builder.
*A character from Aozora's Adventure RPG that joins the player some time after Jirokichi joins the party. She specializes in magic-based attacks and is capable of powering up allies, healing them, and reviving them after they are defeated.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aozora's Adventure III

As weird as it may seem, yes I've decided to launch the third arc in the Aozora's Adventure series, consisting of Aozora's Adventure III, Aozora's Adventure 64 2: Kurayami Strikes Back, and Rock-Aozora III. This post will be based on Aozora's Adventure III.

For both Aozora's Adventure III and Rock Aozora III, the two "games" would put their focus on a mysterious character known as Jigoku, who is very much intended to be an opposite of Aozora (as shown if you directly translate their name's meanings: Aozora = Sky, Jigoku = Hell, which is usually located opposite of the Sky.), However long before the events of the "games", Aozora and Jigoku meet and become good friends.

Jigoku can easily be described as being mostly black and red with a very punk-esque appearance. His hair is standard black hair with red highlights at the tips, and he wears a leather jacket. He was made to resemble Red Mist from the first Kick Ass film, but with a more casual appearance.
Remember Sunset Shimmer from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls? Well you can think as of her being the MLP equivalent of my series' Jigoku,, just like how you can say Aozora is to Twilight Sparkle.
Or if you really want to scrape the bottom of the barrel, Justice Man from the Mega Man fan game "Mega Man Rock Force" is to Jigoku while Mega Man is to Aozora.

One day as Aozora is heading to his place of education, he meets up with Jigoku, announcing that he had something to tell Aozora on the rooftops of the school. So Aozora rushes in to hear Jigoku's story, only for Jigoku to get stunned out of nowhere, picked up by a giant rocket-powered robot with no legs (yeah mecha are still a thing) and beamed away to an as-of-yet un-revealved location. Aozora, joined by Satoru and Zik, battle the giant robot atop the roof of the school and set out to find Jigoku.

What the main heroes don't realize is that Jigoku has been faking his friendship with Aozora, as Jigoku is considered an undercover spy for a team of five known only as "The Roast Crew", a team looking to engulf Japan into an endless sea of fire, and from there build their own empire which they will rule and conquer other territories with. While not all of them are strictly pyrokinesis users, each member has some form of attack that utilities fire. Going by standard Mega Man logic of calling each one "[name] Man/Woman" until I give them proper names, here's a brief listing of the team's main members, who will serve as the main world bosses, the Roast Elites, of the first five zones (worlds) in Aozora's Adventure III:

*Icarus Man
*Joust Man
*Volcano Man

After defeating all five, Aozora further searches the Roast Crew's HQ to locate Jigoku. Upon reaching Jigoku, he and Aozora engage in a heated battle, ultimately leaving Jigoku wounded and unconscious on the floor. Aozora proceeds to demand answers, but Jigoku is unable to respond, as he lies on the groung face-first. The Roast Elites barge in and reveal the truth. The Roast Gang had only wanted to assemble an army in Japan in order to send a message and combat their rivals and greater evil "The Frost Gang", whom outnumber the Roast Gang by extreme numbers. As they go to retrieve Jigoku, the Roast Crew HQ instantly becomes under attack by the Frost Gang, easily defeating the entire Roast Crew minus Jigoku, who was dropped after two of the Roast Elites failed to escort Jigoku in time, leading to Jigoku's still-unconsious body being abducted by several shadowy figures.

The sixth through ninth Zones of the game are based around Aozora and company battling through the Frost Gang and their own "Frost Elites". Much like the Roast Elites, the Frost Elites are not always based on ice or freezing, but they all have some form of attack that involves low temperature:

*Avalanche Man
(Yes I did play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.)

Eventually after fending off Avalanche Man, Jigoku is revealed to be alive, now ice-blue in color and with many artificial enhancements to his body, battles Aozora once again and as expected, is defeated. In his (assumed) dying words, he apologizes to Aozora for what he had to go through because of him and his team's actions and intents. Suddenly, a projection of longtime series villain Joker appears in the sky, announcing that he was the one that founded the Frost Gang, and challenges Aozora and his allies to risk their lives and try to stop him in the newly-created Joker's Castle 3.

Along the way, Aozora and his friends might come across several distant areas that visiting is optional (much like Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii), and includes additional foes that may be challenged.

*Maple Woman
*Titan Man
*Spectrum Man
*Atomic Man

Remember how the main Aozora's Adventure series of "games" would use Mario-centric power ups?
Well they're back for  the third "game", but I decided to try something different, Make power ups that transform characters into appearances based on specific anime series, as well as acquire powers based on the series they pay homage to. For instance, collecting a "Soul Mask" dons the user in an appearance alike a Soul Reaper from the Bleach series, allowing the user to swing bladed weapons that emit some form of razor beam that travels ahead. Then there's the "Stand Mushroom", which radically alters the outfit of the user into something like you'd see in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, complete with giving the user a "Stand" that battles alongside the user. I was also thinking of a "Zodiac" form based on Saint Seiya.

Here you can find the concept designs I commissioned for both Soul Aozora and Stand Aozora.

I repeat, I'll make these games someday before I die, but I'd really like to learn programing or find a team that I could hire to help me make a freeware title!