Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet the villains of Aozora's Adventure Gaiden

A few days ago I revealed to the public a new sub-chapter in the series, "Aozora's Adventure Gaiden", which takes place in north-eastern Africa. The overall design of the environment will be nods to adventure/fantasy anime/manga, most preferably Fairy Tail and One Piece.

As I also revealed, I'd be accepting concept donations for four of the seven conformed antagonists for this story, which'd boil down to the following:

♀*Talisha, a lazy woman whom boasts about her ability to manipulate water. Originally considered her to be obese with a wide head, but considering how I don't have many sexy girls in my series compared to others... I'm currently thinking something alike Reika Aoki's Cure Beauty form from Smile Pretty Cure!, and Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail.
♀*Ptolema (Wiki page here), a blonde warrior angel (complete with wings) who fights with white daggers, wind-based attacks, and other speedy/flying techniques. Think of it as like a different interpretation and design of Elysium from Soul Calibur V and Angewomon from Digimon.
♂*Gratien, a psychopath with many amounts of body damage, razor-sharp teeth, and a chainsaw embedded into his right arm. I designed the concept with Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler in mind, but cruder and more mysterious with lots of clothing damage.
♂*Erebos (Wiki page here), the leader of the others shown here; a male shirtless overlord with long spiky hair, large muscles and incredible power. Intended to sport illusions to Idaten from Cho Aniki, but of course with a bit of a darker and edgier tone considering how mine is a villain. The role he plays is overall similar to Terra from Mega Man V. Erebos' primary color scheme would be navy blue, with minor use of pinks, and purples.

The other three I'm currently unsure if I'll get to designing myself:

♂*Nirave, a black-haired goth with smooth, spiky hair (including sporting a very long piece of hair that extends out from the left of his forehead and covers his right eye.), battling his opponents with a metallic doppelgänger hologram of himself and teleporting skills. He is one large parody of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (especially taking after DIO), though his appearance is heavily based on Duplex Man from the canceled Mega Man 3 ROM Hack ''Mega Man Odyssey''. (Design made by CHAOS-CHAOS-CHAOS)
♂*Rodrigo, a hyper-energetic and crude latino with black/red hair that shoots upwards, his primary attacks involving both pyrokinesis and stone-based abilities. He is modeled off of Rufio from the film Hook with some themes from Natsu from Fairy Tail. (design made by ColorMyMemory)
♂*Bojun, a massive, muscular character with extreme strength and bull-like characteristics. Similar in appearance and structure to Uranus from Mega Man V and Zavok from Sonic Lost World with a bit of Potemkin from Guilty Gear Xrd.

Character donations are not required, and thus entirely optional.

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If you want a reference for Duplex Man (the other half of Nirave's inspiration), here you go: