Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A third game!?!

UPDATE: More info on Aozora's Adventure III here!


It's true. Sometime after I get done with Aozora's Adventure II, I'll be moving on to other projects, leading up to Aozora's Adventure III. Now keep in mind the games are still not in active development, but with how things go around my turf, I may design both Aozora's Adventure and Aozora's Adventure II at the same time as my idea is shoving quickly towards the second game more than the first with the selected theme and bosses in place (that doesn't mean I hate the Jetters, mind you).

Of what little info I came up with in regards to AAIII, here's what I came up with. Aozora's Advrnture III would take place in 2021, two years after the second game. All the main cast gets new redesigns to give them a more "wild" feel. World 1 would be known as "Icarus Skyroads Zone", and with it would bring in a gothic punk on rollerblades with neon colors as the first main boss, who attacks with hand-crafted scythes and balloons with spikes, as she has a mild carnival theme to her.

Aozora would get a true rival in this game; a mostly red-colored punk going by the name "Jigoku" as it means Hell (while "Aozora" means the sky, the exact opposite of Hell).

Inb4 a s*%#storm begins, I'd like you all to know this is currently in a very early point of development, and I'm looking to have it become a large community project in comparison to the second game, with players and fans alike designing both the enemies, bosses, environments, and submitting their personal alterations to the existing cast. This idea alone is why AAIII will be on the backburner until the series gets a good reputation, especially in Japan, compared to all the hype I'm giving over Aozora's Adventure, 64, Oriental, Darkness, RPG, Rock-Aozora, II, Gaiden, and others. So please don't go bashing this idea when it's still in it's ideas stage.

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