Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fanart by Liquid10

Hello. Today I am here to feature a piece of Aozora Jitsuwa fanart done by a friend of mine named Liquid10. The other day, I had requested to do something special for my upcoming-at-the-time birthday, and he completed it the day directly after that special day. To be honest, it's a good piece, as it simply is a gang of Aozora's friends, family, and mortal enemies. It's brilliantly colored, but besides the green on Redd's outfit being too bright, the only problem I see is that some of the characters are not the correct size. (Aozora, Britly, Kokoro, Zidra, Redd, Beta, and Simon are too small/short, while Club, Heart, and Joker are too large.)

But anyways, I'll leave you with the full image to see for yourselves.

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