Friday, March 25, 2011

Update after SUCH a long delay.

Well, hey everyone. I'm back, and ready for a big (art-wise) update.

For starters, Toshi's concept artwork has been completed recently...
...which knocks the roster of missing characters down to one: The fifth member of my evil witch gang. Speaking of [the] witches...
For a measly $31 bucks, I was able to commission one of my recent friends mistachiha to draw up this picture for me, which shows series antagonists Kurayami and Adelvina, showin' off their backs. Probably the most beautiful of the fanarts I got regarding the series. Well worth the money.

Then there's this one from Jastur-Axmus, who originally designed Britly a year and a half ago. A very pleasant render of Kurayami, still living up to her sexiness. The transparent hair on Kurayami is a nice touch (though not a real feature in the series), and the background is well-detailed. I love this one. :)

And for only $10 dollars, I got this bust-up of Britly from alascarmesis. Pretty well-done for a traditional artwork, if you ask me. The bumps/wings on her head should be longer, and there are two white parts that weren't cut out, but I'm not going to complain, especially to a guy like this.

I'm hoping to commission these guys again in the near future, and maybe a few other great artists, since no one seems to have the will to draw these characters, especially with how much effort I put into designing Kurayami and Adelvina.

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