Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock-Aozora 3: Final Roster + Wepaons list

Alright, I've been plotting this for a while, so here's the final roster (of filler names, that is) for Rock-Aozora 3:

Main 8 bosses:

Carnival Woman - Carnival Scythe
Jolt Man - Jolt Anchor
Shrine Woman - Vortex Blade
Outlaw Man - Outlaw Pistol
Congo Man - Melon Storm
Pursuit Man - Shadow Pursuit
Clockwork Man - Seeker Beam
Retro Man - Pixel Shield

The four extras (they do not give players weapons):

Maple Woman
Titan Man
Meteor Woman
Spectrum Man

If any of you have character name ideas, please let me know (so I can get these guys onto the Wiki)

Here are the weapon icons for the obtainable weapons in-game, with their functions listed below. Support items not listed.
Carnival Scythe: Think a giant (double the size of) Shadow Blade from Mega Man 3, except there's a bigger limit (3 instead of 1) as to how many you can throw at a time. Plus, one will continue traveling behind you if you don't catch it.
Jolt Anchor: Doubles as an utility item, shoot and you'll fire two syringe-shaped darts attached to your buster via metal wires that will latch onto an enemy (even bosses) and drain their health, recovering your own. You can still move (albeit at a reduced speed) and can keep the anchors on one enemy for as long as you want until you're forced to retract them after you suck in up to 12 units of health. You can also 
Vortex Blade: Fired similiar to Carnival Scythe, but instead of returning to the user, it stops in place, extends eight blades (four main blades and four smaller blades), and starts spinning and firing mini- blades all around the screen in alternating + and x patterns for approx. three seconds. When it's done, it charges forwards from the direction it was fired in while continuing to spin, doing massive damage to anything that dares get in it's way. You can only fire one at a time, and after firing you can continue to use the Aozora Buster until the Vortex Blade dashes off.
Outlaw Pistol: Psycho Missile from Megamari on crack, it now has a limit of three on-screen at a time, and the explosion from the Outlaw Pistol's bullets continue to travel forwards after striking something, the explosions retaining the same speed as the bullets, something like Trinitro Blast from Mega Man Unlimited.
Melon Storm: Nothing like Tropical Hazard from Street Fighter X Mega Man; with Melon Storm you cause an earthquake that causes the entire top of the screen to spawn explosive melons that rain down at differing speeds. The melons pass through solid ground and only explode when they hit an enemy.
Shadow Pursuit: With this weapon equipped, you gain the ability to "slide" (in a dashing pose, ala Bass or Break Dash from Mega Man V) faster and further distances from anywhere, even in mid-air (though you're limited to two dashes in mid-air). You can boost yourself in any direction, in addition to invulnerability from almost anything except for instant-death traps while you dash. 
Seeker Beam: A beam that twists and turns to hit absolutely anything on-screen. It's a bit weak because of this, about the same strength as Alice's default weapon from Megamari (though a hair bit stronger since it's not a default weapon), but it has a lot of energy and is capable of doing lots of hits on a single enemy in rapid succession, even giving bosses only half the time of Mercy Invincibility if they get hit by it.
Pixel Shield: A shield composed of pixels rotating around you, press Fire to turn on the shield, press it again to turn it off. You reflect projectiles back at attackers, deal continuous damage to anything you lean against with the shield on, and you're even protected from stage hazards while the shield is on. It eats through energy a bit slower than Skull Barrier form Mega Man 4, but it's still somewhat quick.

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