Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rock-Aozora 4 Boss name concepts

As I said on my main blog I currently have no plans to continue the Aozora's Adventure series past Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 until I actually start making the games in the series in some form. However just for fun I'll give some ideas for the "Masters" of a hypothetical fourth Rock-Aozora title. I'll try not to let these names contrast with other fan-made Masters from major fangames.

*Blast Man: Heavy-duty demolition worker wearing two giant grenade launchers on his arms.
*Computer Man: Humanoid hologram colored completely navy blue with shapeshifting arms.
*Draco Man: European/Asian Dragon-themed knight/samurai hybrid primarily colored green and red
*Force Man: Psychic powered-human
*Glamour Woman: primarily pink and girly gemstone-themed fighter
*Hive Woman: Human-sized insect lady wearing mild yellow/green pilot gear
*Morph Man: Shapeshifting human made of bright green orbs with a human head
*Paradox Men: black/white time-traveling manipulator duo whose colors (and hair styles) are opposite of each other.

Weapon info:

*Blaster Bomb is a large powerful bomb that is launched forwards before exploding into an explosion that scatters several smaller and weaker bombs.
*Computer Arm causes your character’s Buster to de-pixelate and reshape into a buster that rapid fires fast-traveling long beams and has a high ammo count
*Draco Saber is a sword that shoots an energy wave towards the edge of the screen that accelerates as it travels and can be charged to have the wave take the shape of a dragon's head.
*Force Field sends a wave of physic energy that travels across the screen (resembling a black field with blocky magenta lines traveling through it); charge it for an even bigger field that travels faster and wider.
*Glamour Gemstone lets you shoot homing gemstones trailed by smaller gemstones. If they don't have a target to head for they'll orbit around you, and then when a target appears they'll head for it. If the enemy has a shield or barrier, the gemstone will orbit them until they cancel their shield, from there they'll dive into the enemy/boss and damage them. And you can also have up to three gemstones orbiting around you, waiting for targets.
*Hive Option summons three humanoid-dragonfly people that circle you. Upon shooting your own buster, they’ll shoot theirs as well. Each dragonfly has individual health and provide shielding to the user: With three, you only take one quarter the damage if something directly strikes you, with two your defenses go to half damage, and with only one, you take three quarters the damage.
*Morph Body lets you do one of three different actions depending on how you attack: Aim up, down, or straight and you’ll morph into one of three different forms. One is a giant sphere that you can control to steamroll through enemies, one transforms your lower legs into engines (complete with the sides of your feet sprouting wheels) and enable you to dash through the stage, and the last causes your legs to sprout springs to jump higher and bounce into enemies.
*Paradox (REVAMP IN CONSIDERATION) lets you freeze time for as long as ammo remains, followed by consuming large chunks of ammo to distort time and space to damage and destroy foes on-screen. Combining Time/Flash Stopper and Gravity Hold into one.

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