Sunday, October 21, 2018

Morphworld- A new side story

In a previous blogpost, I mentioned one of the stories I had planned would be known simply as "MorphWorld", focused on one of the boss characters from Rock-Aozora 4 tailored into his own adventure. Of course, I'm talking about Mr. Morph, the "Master of Morphing", embarking on a quest to both save California and earn some ego points (something he gets chewed on later).

This time, he wouldn't be alone as he gets a sidekick in the form of Sideform, a teenager-like figure with a fully sculpted body in a red battle suit, blonde hair, and the same powers as Mr. Morph. Sideform would be a foil to Mr. Morph in personality, keeping him on track during the mission and knocking him back to his senses when his ego gets to out of control. He's also the captain obvious of the duo with not much of a sense of humor, giving Mr. Morph some ammunition to fire back at him and chew on his obviousness. Most of these types of scenes would be played for comedy while still tying into the story itself.

The main theme of MorphWorld is morphing and transformation, with the main heroes and villains having some way of changing or manipulating their bodies. There would be the four transformations that would be shown in Rock-Aozora 4 (Engine, Rolling Orb, Hammer Arm, and Jet Plane), alongside a dozen other transformations, both partial and full body, that Mr. Morph and Sideform can execute. Giant Fist, Sword Arm, Spring Limbs, Copter Pack, Spinning Tornado, Motorbike Body, and Tank Body are some examples used by the duo.

The other heroes and villains all have a theme to their shapeshifting abilities. The cheerful-looking but serious Candeline, for example, would be all based around candy and sweets, while the moody and mellow Rockstor is based around rocks and boulders.

The story itself would play like a typical comic superhero story but with my own twist. There's a blend of both serious and comical moments with the interactions of the two heroes, the other heroes they meet in the city, and the villains they face. I'm not certain what the plot would revolve around- perhaps a dangerous chemical gone loose, creating a gang of rouge morphers, and Mr. Morph and Sideform going off on their own will to stop the crisis, recruiting a few fellow heroic morphers they meet along the way.

Otherwise, that just about covers how the concept is shaping on so far.

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