Sunday, August 22, 2010

A somewhat important announcement.

Well, look who's back and ready for more action. That's right. It's time to update this site with a blog update!

For those of you that have read my recent Super Justin: the Blog and/or my latest journal entry over at deviantART should know I had changed the name of my series from Aozora Jitsuwa to Zora's Adventure. But thinking back, I decided to make a couple last-minute changes.

To be honest, the reason why the title was changed to begin with was because of how complicated it is to pronounce the series' title in full length. So I'll give you a quick little rundown. Aozora Jitsuwa is pronounced as "A-Zor-Ra," while Jitsuwa is pronounced as "Jits-Su-Wa."

So now the title of my series will be from this day forward, "Aozora's Adventure," while for Japanese audiences, it will still be Aozora Jitsuwa should a Japanese version of the series ever be produced.

And because of this, Zora will go back to being called Aozora. Now I can understand that his name may sound like a name intended for females, but I find it well suitable for males as well (I guess it does go with both genders). Plus, it perfectly fits Aozora's appearance and personality, as (according to billion) "Aozora" is a compound word from "aoi" (Blue, Aozora's main color) and "sora" (sky, the pilot's headgear he wears on his head and the wing logo on his shirt). If you find it unfitting to call him "Aozora", then feel free to refer to him as Zora if it's going to confuse the living heck out of you (I don't care). I plan on making a small amount of adjustments to his appearance and color scheme so he is placed in an outfit that better suits his gender, so hopefully that will come forth someday before Christmas, depending on how much desire I have to re-draw Aozora.

And for those not amused about the sudden changes to the series and Aozora's name, remember, this is my series. So therefore as it's founder, I'm in pretty much complete control of everything about it, and several of it's characters.

As for the contest, yes. It has ended, but I will still be accepting entries, which if I like the design, will immediately be placed in the series without judgement. I still would like to design the lead male and female myself, however, so as of the time I'm writing this, only two more fan-made witch designs can be accepted.

Well. That's all I've got for now.

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