Saturday, August 28, 2010

Character Designers WANTED

Well, hello once again everyone. I have some big messages to let out regarding the witch characters of my Aozora's Adventure series. Turns out, the hunt for the remaining three members isn't going too well. I have been receiving many designs over the past few months from my loving friends, some good and some not-so-good. So I'm going to list the three concepts that I am currently aiming for dealing with these missing three characters, to ensure that everyone that wants to help me out knows what designs I'm scouting out.

Leader: ~*TAKEN*~ An extremely slutty-looking (sorry for my vocabulary) and well-designed 21-year old female with large breasts (well, not that large, but larger than average) whom in witch form wears an outfit that reveals a great amount (but not all) of her skin, and has large hips. Her main color is a combination of dark grey/black and violet.

Co-Leader: An well-designed 22-year old male with a oh-so-called "handsome" appearance and admiration for women, but not to the point where he is considered "gay" or "greatly perverted." His main color scheme is red & black, with minor uses of grey.

Third (standard) Member: A male badass (again, sorry for the use of slight profanity)-type person that is around 19 years of age. Similar to the co-leader, but different colors and appearance.

Remember, this isn't a contest. This is something I'm doing not because of my lack of creating good character designs but to give my friends and fans to participate in the series as a character designer and help me achieve the success I've always dreamed off, while like I said, sharing some of that success for themselves. As this isn't a contest, any design I receive (which shows both the character's two forms, or one on each image) will immediately be accepted into the series, unless I reject it for the character not following the qualifications above, or not being designed well enough (or not sexy enough for the leader).

So if you have enough time on your hands, or if you want to help a bro out and lend a hand, then I would suggest maybe volunteering and coming up with a design I could use that match my described predictions above. Of course, if you have much better things to do than help me out and design someone that I could use for my own series, then fine, do whatever you want. But if just so happens no one seems interested or comes up with any good designs that seem useful to me, then I'll have to try and create my own characters, which I don't want to do so everyone can have a chance to be credited within the series, but if I have to create them myself and struggle with possible faults and mistakes, I will.

Remember, I'm not forcing a single person to help out. I'm simply asking for assistance.

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asafix said...

Hello, Icyshadowlord here.

I would be interested in trying to design the leader. (I have a fondness for large-chested women... X3 )

Though I am quite busy with the works I already have, I would try to work on such when I have free time.