Wednesday, April 6, 2011

About the side stories of the series.

Since I just recently added some concepts to the series, I decided to better explain what plots will unfold throughout my OC series.

First, the one we all know, the main plot story with Aozora, Satoru, and the rest of the gang, which takes place in the near future, during a time when (of course) a league of assassins known as the A. C. E. S. attempts to terrorize Japan, and a few months later, the eight witches that I haven't even done the concept for the fifth. Self explanatory.

The second of these plots is more or less a prequel to the entire series, starring Aozora's ancestor from the 1700's, Amano. When (of course again) Asia is the target of an unknown evil, Amano steps into a Japanese town, is told of the threats, and then embarks on a journey to settle the score.

Amano I already have an article of on my personal Wiki, so no need to describe him again.

But about the other characters in this prequel story?
Well... first off, one idea that I think could work as an ally to Amano is an eleven-year-old wearing an yellow kimono with black outlingings, large, beady eyes, and brown mushroom-shaped hair. It's supposed to be a take-on of the semi-main protagonist of the Japanese children's novel "The Classroom with an Alien in it" which I had showcased last year on my main blog.
This pic should explain better.
Yes, I really got this lazy, and just pulled out Photobooth. Don't really feel like wasting time, especially at 10 in the evening. And note my character will not be an exact interpretation of this guy, just somewhat similar in shape and size, plus with an added interest in Hanafuda.

Another character whom I was thinking of putting in was a large (no offense) guy wearing a purple kimono, who has the shape of a sumo fighter, with the traditional Asian black ponytail. Besides him, there are two other allies to Amano that I'm considering to add, one a badass male warrior character, in a dark-blue kimono, with a red and yellow outfit, and a glamorous female who wields a parasol.

The antagonists consist of one leader, and five other members. One of them is a woman with dark pale violet hair done in the traditional Chinese woman fashion who can strike a humorous chuckle when overjoyed.

But overall, how did I get this idea? Well, near the end of August, I attended this Japanese/oriental themed festival where the book described above could be purchased (as well as several Japanese-language manga, none that I'm familiar with though.). I heard oriental-themed music, and because music gets my motivation going, bang. The oriental-themed story was born, though I wouldn't release the concepts about two months after. I'll reveal more about this concept in the future.

Anyways, onto the newest idea I had developed this week:

I was thinking of doing another spinoff series focusing on a new clan of protagonists and antagonists. The protagonists consist of six gothic characters wearing dark hair colors, their planed concepts shown below.

The main entry of this gang is a 20-year old that has somewhat of a zany personality, has long, spiky, dark navy blue hair with the outlines drawn in neon blue, blue evilish eyes, sharp teeth, a very well-detailed outfit made of a open dark blue tuxedo (with a strange shape), some yellow belts wrapped around parts of it, and black, saggy long jeans with blue patterns. I don't really know how to describe him as of yet, so I'll wait for when I try to draw him before I showcase his appearance. Other than that, I also want to mention he's an expert in guns and swords, and adores killing and fighting things with such.

His closest ally, at this time, is a Jamaican-esque dark-skinned guy (whose main color scheme is red and varying shades of orange) that has pyrokinesis. His short but thick dreadlocks are bright orange, drawn with red highlights, which gets brighter of dimmer depending on his state and power. I haven't really decided on what outfit to give him as of yet, but I want it to have some relation to his suggested color scheme, but not to the point where he looks like an exact replica of Blake. :P

The third character will be the love interest of the main character of this side-story, and will share a somewhat similar appearance to Sakaki, but not down to the exact detail. This girl will have much darker and shorter hair (with possibly an added ponytail), many tattoos and markings on her skin, and a more revealing (but still well detailed) outfit, plus a serious, badass personality.

One other character that I think would do well is a 16-year old "loli-devil girl" like Etna from Disgaea and Luste Teuber from Rosenkreuzstilette. She won't have wings, but she would have some form of black and green pointed tail (which can be used to attack). She has bushy, neon green hair, pointy ears, a small bikini top (to cover her flat breasts, a large gauntlet on her right hand that reaches up to her shoulder, and navy blue jeans that are entirely absent on only her right side, with the left (intact) side being very messy, with multiple wrinkles and some patches. Like Etna and Luste, she is joyfull and playful, but can get upset easily.

There are two other protagonists I'd like to consider adding alongside these four, both male.

As for the antagonists, I haven't thought of one for this new side-story, but I do have apossible idea for an assistant of the main antagonist. He has no eyeballs (somewhat like 2-D from the Gorillaz band), so he has a black band and long, black hair with yellow streaks covering the empty sockets, and a wicked smile. As a spooky taunt, sometimes when he sticks his tongue out, a moving eyeball appears on top of the tip, alongside his razor-sharp teeth. He has a very large gun as his main weapon of choice. His colors consist of mainly dark pale yellow, black, and some maroon.

So now that I summed up the current roster of characters, I'll talk about the setting; the place where these characters reside.

The main setting is an alternative universe that is mostly filled with many urban areas that are well-advanced in technological aspects, as well as a great numbers of castles, dungeons, and towers modeled after the traditional classic gothic structure. The lightest it ever gets in this world is mid sunrise/set, and lighting is common. On top of that, the vast desert plains, forests, mountains, and abandoned castles and dungeons are filled with various strange monsters and creatures. And unlike our dimension, the ones that reside in this world are much more strange, darker, and more vicious.

The two dimensions are linked via (what else but) dimensional portals, something created by Toshi after meeting a strange person (whom I have no concepts for). To further connect the two worlds, this is where Kurayami and the other Withches initially originated, using their black magic to warp to our dimension. In that dimension, they remained in their transformed states forever, and getting sick of their times there, they warped in desire to cause ruckus in Aozora's world.

So that's what I got for now. I wish I could co-lab with some of my good friends on this idea, but something tells me I'd better be off on my own. If you want to help, be my guest.

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