Saturday, October 22, 2011

Commission/Fan art Update

Long time no see, buddies. I've decided to showcase a few more art that I've gotten over the course of the last month.
This little cute pic was made for me by Liquid10, who's always been quite kind to me, even in situations where I turn irate for any reason. As you can tell, it was intended to be a birthday gift for me (wish other of my friends did that), however it was sorta delayed until September. Regardless, L10 put his faith into Keisha and Sakaki as he does with all his and his friends' characters. Thanks again, pal.

Now for the stuff that I actually had to pay for.
This is art of Vinzenz, a recent character of mine that I commissioned Haychel to draw, which once it was completed, sparked a bit of controversy from a previous commissioner that commissioned Rosenkreuzstilette (Had quite a history convincing people I liked that series, and so on). But in honesty, who cares.

The pic overall is of great quality, and the original sketch I did up was enough to get the full detail on the colors and whatnot. Overall, a good effort that doesn't disappoint.

This last pic is from Jastur-Axmus is of a character whom is also a recent OC of mine, Ranaka. She's one of those sexual female villain characters I cannot stop making (it's a passion!). It's a beautiful piece that shows off my favorite human female body part (*gulps*), and has a great posing, coloring and shading job. Only thing is that the background, as simple as it may seem, really can distract from the actual character, and I feel as if the buttocks could have been a little more rounded, but like I always say, no one is perfect.

Okay, that's all or now.

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northierthanthou said...

Interesting. The last one is especially cool.