Friday, September 30, 2011

Modern mages in 21st century. What else?

Here's another sketch that I'm sure not many people will see since I'm so underrated.
This is another character with magenta-maroon hair and mid-dark skin, whom I'm deciding to call Zesiro. He's a 20-year old male mage/wizard, and like all of my male characters to this date, he's heterosexual, only fancying in having love to a female. He's a resident of a town in Europe, where one of the later plots of the Aozora's Adventure series takes place. As with all of my other mage/wizard/witch/sorcerer characters, he has many different abilities at his disposal. But unlike the other characters of this type, he does not have an alternative transformation, rather he can adjust his own body parts for any scenario he needs, provided it's a simple transformation to one or more of his body parts and not something complex. (Think of Eve from Black Cat and you'll get it)

Well I'm running out of time, so I'll wrap it up here. Catch 'ya later.

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