Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet the very possible next hot woman in the series.

A woman that had went through two designs before I settled on this one; Introducing: Ranaka.
Much like the goth boy I had shown previously (whom I've decided to call Gotobuki), she will be an antagonist for the "Darkness" side-chapter. Much like Kurayami, she has a very (er... Slutty?") appearance, wearing mostly a fishnet outfit with a bra made from vest fabric and blue-violet jeans torn in the back, for sex appeal, even if she's not into being "sexy" as much as Britly is. Like all Darkness characters, she can use large numbers of different magic and spells, though I haven't conformed what her powers will be, but let's just say it'll allow multiple fan-service shots with what she does with her melee skills.

I'll leave you to your opinions.

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