Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another character concept?

Why yes.

Of all things, I've got another character drafted out today. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to be in school for quite some time, so expect these during my downtime. And what is it I have this time?
This character I had mentioned some time ago, so that means it's not an entirely new concept; just one I haven't revealed yet. This is a rough draft (in designing purposes) for another character from the series. Believe it or not, he's an antagonist of the "Darkness" sub-chapter, whose appearance is based on a specific person I know of in real life, combined with several sick gothic traits. He's an altered human being with an almost permeant grin on his mouth, with a greatly torn up outfit. His lack of eyes in his sockets, his long tongue, and the eyeball that sometimes shoots out is the result of an experiment gone wrong. Just like the grand majority of the characters in this sub-series, he is a magic user. What else would you be if you originated from a world filled with technology and ancient gothic structures amok?

And yea, I understand that I'm not the greatest character designer ever. Keep in mind this may not be his final appearance.

Plus... Name suggestions anyone?

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