Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyone loves a good Transformation fetish.

Yea I'm here with another darn update. Expect these to come and go quite often. I know no one really reads this blog, but not only do I want to show you the sketch, I also wanted to explain some things.

As I had stated previously, people seem to think I'm fading into oblivion since I'm not updating my deviantART gallery often. Your answer as to why I'm busy is because I get sidetracked way too easily nowadays, plus since I'm somewhat losing the interest of drawing knowing that I won't get much (if any) positive feedback, especially from those I want to get praised by since I've followed them for a good damn long time, and even tried to give them a good laugh once in a while. I'm not attempting to stir up trouble, so I won't go ahead and reveal whom is it that I want commenting, favoriting, and critiquing my art; but if you know me, you might be able to figure it out if you or someone you know is a wanted critic/fan/friend.

Speaking of criticism, I promise the new art I submit to deviantART will incorporate several tidbits of criticism I had received in my last art of Fakhriya. It will continue to have the less-blocky lineart, as well as sharper finer edges, plus will have the dual-layer cell shading in all areas, not just parts I feel are necessary to have such. I'll continue to take critiques on future works just so I don't feel like a coward with no life, including this one that I'm doing based on the sketch I did last Friday.

I do not aim to be the world's greatest artist. Very few people have even accomplished such a feat, and since it would take me years and years, I'm just not going to bother with it. It's not possible to please every single person on this planet, as everyone will develop different opinions over various subjects, my art style and Aozora's Adventure included. Just as I said I'm not aiming to be the world's perfect artist, I'm also not aiming to make my OC's become the greatest creations on the planet and thus, possibly get the licenses from fellow webcomic/doujin artists to have their characters make major cameos in the series. Please just get those facts deep into your brain.

Now before I go and show you today's sketch, I need to point out a thing with all of my characters. All of my characters are heterosexual, meaning that none of them will develop a sexual relationship/interest in another character of the same gender, despite several of the males having slim and smooth designs and/or outfits. Take Higure for instance; even though he's dressed in a latex violet jumpsuit, he's not homosexual, he's just an excessively active fighter with a lust for busty females. Though I do know that when some trolls/haters call someone like this "gay," they're referring to the design being crappy in their opinion, and in rare cases: jealously.

So now that I made my point, here's the sketch. Note that I modified it in Photoshop to make it easier to tell the skin from the armor. If you must see the original, it's here.
Lazy editing is lazy. :B

Here's another character that should be a homage to most of you fellow otakus. A speedy modern barbarian warrior from the Darkness sub-series with great strength and his main weapon of choice is a large sword that is almost the same size as he is. While he is part of the team of Darkness protagonists, he does not spend much time with his allies and prefers to work alone (yea common cliche) unless his allies are in desperate need. In combat, he is clad in flexible but strong white, grey, and black metallic steel armor that reveals most of his skin, as if I'm not making enough Witchblade homages already with loads of fan-service with the busty female characters; wait until you see Kurayami's transformed state. Now I give the traits of the Witch/Clone/Dualblade to a male character from a completely different series, let alone an Indie one? Well the Aozora's Adventure series is also a parody series, and the transformation is triggered by excessive stress, anger, and worry; though I cannot conform it's identical to or different than Witchblade because I have never seen the Witchblade anime, and thus don't know what causes the transformation in that series. Much like Witchblade, the transformation causes the user to shed the majority of his/her clothing, and the reason why I say majority is because in the Aozora's Adventure series, specific characters who have this "grow armor" transformation, shared between Kurayami, Blake, Adelvina, the un-named fifth witch, and this character only shed their existing clothing and grow new fabric/latex alongside the hard armor, giving the viewer a naked silhouette just before the armor forms from their skin. To give an example of this, Adelvina, when undergoing her transformation, grows a black catsuit with red highlights with ruby-colored armor wrapped around it, the same kind this character shown above has. The ruby armor also grows around her two spherical ponytails, allowing Adelvina better control of them in attacks, and giving her the ability to sprout spikes from them. Yea, that's how I use my imagination to the limits.

Anyways back to this character. Once transformed, this character is granted great strength from the armor that sprouted on his body and black pants, plus he can call upon his giant sword, which he holds in his hands with pretty much no trouble at all. It can be swung at great speeds, even with just one hand, and can also be controlled with his mind to float and arc in the air. The sword is capable of firing powerful white atomic blasts, which require the user to charge before firing.

Okay, I think I said enough about this guy. Of course I didn't give him a name yet since I'm just so lazy. :P See you next time.

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