Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A random assortment of summer updating.

Since I had updated my deviantART journal only moments ago, I'd thought I'd take the tlme to discuss improvements about other plans with Aozora's Adventure.

*I am now done with school entirely, so now I can devote my entire time to helping the series grow. This also means sketches (as well as new designs) will now be put on hold for some time, and the focus will be on expanding and in rare cases re-designing the current cast.
 *Kurayami, for instance, will have her normal appearance re-designed so she looks more what she's supposed to look like: a witch, though still revealing in appearance, but not half-naked like she is now. The other members I didn't design (which consists only of Blake, Adelvina, and Lorenz) will have their transformed appearances designed revealed as well.
*I will not change the title nor any of the character's names anymore. Aozora's Adventure is the true ultimate final title.
*Once again, the series is intended to be somewhat of a parody series; in that some, though not all characters are designed based on already-existing concepts and ideas, while poking fun and also being a tribute to Japanese fiction and culture. Though I promise, everyone will go through a growth spurt and undergo character development, with their backstories, characteristics, relationships with others, etc. finally recorded on the Wiki, and I'll try to make them as original, detailed, and if possible heartwarming at the same time. Any kind of assistance and/or feedback is welcome, though don't be too critical; I work my best! B)

I'm also thinking of starting a contest with actual cash prizes $50 for 1st, $20 for 2nd, $10 for 3rd, plus features for top 5 as well, though such a thing won't happen for some time, as I need to get more profile art done.

But otherwise yea, what a hectic day I had today.

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Sounds exciting. Good luck on your work. The name is interesting. Everyone loves cash.