Monday, March 12, 2012

Plots. Nothing else.

Howdy fellas. Today I was initially going to showcase a drawing that I did a few weeks ago, but I eventually wanted to instead devote some time to answer the question I got recently: What am I going to do with the characters that I have had in my series since late 09 and early 10?

Well they're still there, of all things. Still not amused? Read on.

The series is meant to be a cross between numerous different genres and heavily spoof and parody different Japanese media franchises, whenever it be anime, manga, video game, or any combo of the three. The series' storyline initially begins in the year 2017, which is where the first arc, simply titled Aozora's Adventure is set, and focuses on Aozora attempting to rescue the Jetters after they're kidnapped and re-programed by the A.C.E.S. It's basically the plot of Mega-Man (more along the lines of Powered Up) retold with different characters, in the form of a Super Mario-esque game, based mainly on the layout of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Rosenkreuzstilette did the same thing, so why is me trying to do so no different? The only difference is mine is a Super Mario clone rather than a Mega Man clone. Regarding the games, they are scheduled to be made in the near future. How many times do I need to get this across your heads? I'm allowed to express my ideas.

The second arc is known as Aozora's Adventure 64 and plays like a Super Mario 64 clone crossed with the gameplay mechanics of titles like Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry and many more 3d platformer/adventure titles. The story is that the Witches, ascending from an unknown dimension, have entered another dimension in the hopes of causing as much havoc as possible. So Nack, a small boy-man with a propeller cap goes into the real world to seek Aozora's assistance, agreeing to such an ordeal. Joker and his crew return and partner with the Witches, but as the story unfolds, they separate back into two clans both against Aozora. This would be the game that would spawn Aozora's new design from my pal Ryan McConnachie and his ability to use "gear"; weapons like swords, guns, and boomerangs, as well as being able to pilot ground, water, and air-based vehicles.

The third arc abandons the main storyline and instead takes place in Japan's Sengoku period, featuring Amano and his four allies, (with designs for only two of them existing) venturing off into northern China to defeat an unknown evil. This game is more along the lines of a platformer mixed with a RPG, somewhat like a Zelda II-esque clone, but with Mario powerups. Yea powerups; What else?

The fourth arc focuses on another new band of characters, from what I've described countless times as the "Darkness" sidestory. This part of the saga contains six main characters, including Mara and Vinzenz, in a gothic/futuristic type setting, up against a large demonic beast of a character whom pretty much is like the Kurayami of this story, but male. It returns to being a Super Mario 64 "expanded" clone but with new and different features, mainly ones based on the complete change in tone.

The fifth arc returns to the main series with an RPG based on Super Mario RPG named oh so creatively; Aozora's Adventure RPG. When Joker makes an unexpected comeback to defeat Aozora again, he launches him high into the sky and across Asia, where he lands (rather uncomfortably) on a small pirate ship coasting along the north-west region of Europe, piloted by a mysterious young pirate about Aozora's age, whom Monkey D. Luffy would be embarassed to have as a sidekick. Aozora recovers and travels across Europe, with new allies: a Robin Hood-esque character (Jiroukichi), a princess specializing in magic, a cowboy, a mermaid (Nanami), a shy and independent mage (Zeshiro), and a large brute who loves his big guns. At the end of it all, they go into a portal that takes them into Joker's new digs and finish him and the A.C.E.S. off again. Aozora then returns home, he bids goodbye to his new friends, and they have a happy evening.

The sixth and last arc of the first saga is the Rockman/Mega Man clone I've mentioned two months ago on my brother blog. Nack returns and requests Aozora to assist him again with another land (this time an island) run amok by the demonic beast character from the Darkness sidestory (the first in-universe crossover), whom has taken control of eight of the contents' individuals (Genroy, Fakhriya, Matthias, Shinobu, TaiYang, Orochi, Kento, and Keanu) and sent them to raise hell. Toshi (yea that guy) makes a chargeable gun that shoots blue plasma bullets and can scan the abilities of a weakened or defeated foe in battle to create a new projectile with limited ammo based on the scanned person and give Aozora a fresh new coat of color. Once Aozora restores the eight "masters" back to their initial state, he ventures into the demon man's castle and defeats him, only to have Joker pop out and announce his plans to rid of Aozora and many others, so Aozora chases him to Joker's new castle, and ultimately defeats him again. Aozora then leaves the island via a surfboard and returns back to his home in Japan, where he don't here much about the guy for a while.

Then the second major saga kicks off with yet another Super Mario clone with some elements from Rayman Origins, Donkey Kong Returns, and Kirby's Return to Dreamland. This title, known as Aozora's Adventure II, begins with Keisha beginning to be uncomfortable around Aozora and his constant and unexpected nor unexplained mood swings, so to break the too off together, Toshi offers to take Keisha out on a small boat ride across the night sky, which Keisha agrees to. Unfortunately, the two are caught by a large battleship with a mechanical mouth used to trap targets, and taken inside by a pink-haired sailor wearing a striped uniform, where they are forced to stay with him and are shattered of every possible method of escaping (including overloading the circuits of Toshi's "Neo-Watch" preventing him from getting in touch with allies for help). The next morning, Aozora gets worried and takes Satoru and Zik out to investigate, where they come across Taiyang, Fakhriya, and Shinobu, who were visiting Japan that day, and decide to help. They eventually spot the battleship across the ocean and race on foot to get to it, which actually takes days, as they get intensely sidetracked by four of the sailor's top crew members sent to stop Aozora's progress. These include an emo dancing swordsman (Masayoshi), a large, busty pirate woman, a young and crazy male who loves mechanics, previously appearing in Aozora's Adventure 64, and a ninja woman lurking inside a large Japanese bathhouse/hotel (Saniko). After defeating the four crooks, Aozora and friends reach and begin investigating the battleship for any clues on the sailor, and eventunally they find him inside in the main control room. They have a large fight, eventually defeating him. When they demand answers, the sailor replies that he was forced to send Keisha and Toshi into another dimension by the request of his superior-in-command, so with minor assistance, Aozora's team enter the second dimension (how many are there in this series? @__@) where they come across four additional baddies, a man sporting crazy blonde hair in a tuxedo with a passion for badass cars, a bounty hunter with armor, a long sword, and a big stinkin' machine gun, a fighter with two sidekicks and a large flamethrower with a knife mounted to it (Sharkane, with Grip and Gnear), and a powerful ice princess with a cold passion. They eventually come across the big bad responsible (whom I have yet to create/receive any designs of) for kidnapping Keisha and Toshi. And I'll leave it with that.

After that, the second saga would spawn two "Gaiden" games, one a fighting game alike Street Fighter and Sonic the Fighters (especially the later, with some features from The King of Fighters), and the other a racing game based on Mario Kart, but with no rubber-band but instead human-like AI, 36 tracks, 50+ items, and a precise and near-flawless online mode. Both titles would feature most, if not all the characters in the series to date across three different universes (main, oriental, and darkness), including new characters thrown into the mix.

So that's it. Please of all things don't throw a shitfit, because I've had a rough afternoon today regarding a few subjects.

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