Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Revenge of the Sketches

Been a while, hasn't it? Back with the sketches!

Now if any of you are asking why I refuse to upload these to deviantART, I don't want people to start flaming these because the anatomy and/or designs of these aren't well-done as any of my digital stuff. That doesn't mean I don't want anyone seeing them. In fact, I want every of my major followers to notice these one way or another so that they can tell me what I should try fixing on their designs before I start on (that is, if I start on) basic art of them in any future. In the meantime, here's the new four I have to showcase.

This one is the earliest I've done since Saniko; and is possibly another male alternative to Kurayami besides Blake. He is a large demon-esque character and the main antagonist of the "Darkness" side-story, though he does fade into the storyline of the main series later on. Possibly the only character that has similar strength to, if not stronger than any of the higher-ranked members of the Witches, but unlike them, this character always stays in his "transformed" state.

The photo I took of the sketch is of a very shoddy quality, but at least you can still see what the character looks like. :P Moving on.

This girl is part of the oriental side-story (the one that Amano is the protagonist of). There's not much I can say regarding her appearance, though I did take minor inspiration from one relatively unknown source [second from left], though the source does have some "advanced" characters. Either way, there's your lead female of the side-story. A Chinese girl that migrates to Japan and performs in Kabuki plays before joining with Amano and venturing alongside him.

The oriental side-story takes place in Japan's Sengoku period and is set to include many references and spoofs to ancient (pre-Tokyo) events and stories of both Japanese and Chinese cultures. For those wondering, it won't have much, if any fan-service compared to either the main or Darkness plots since all the characters are pretty much clothed all the way. But I'm sure you'll be finding some busty girl in there somewhere.

*absolute embarrassment moment"


Yes I did tell you these were sketches, didn't I? Well either way, as if I needed to pay homage to any more characters that I was not involved in designing, here's our third "Mascot" character, Nack. A small chubby man-child with a battery-powered propeller on his pilot's cap. Not much to say about him either, he just follows Aozora and delivers news to him should any major threat appear. Of course this does lead to Aozora sometimes popping Nack one on occasion, either intentional or on accident.

And here comes our final offender for the night. the tan-skinned light sand haired-name not announced. Now where have I heard of this color combo?

He is probably one of the series' many parodies and shoutouts to the ever-so-loved Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan, sporting an outfit with a similar color scheme and appearance (but not exact) and a thing for piloting large mechas, much like Simon's child form, the one that he uses most frequently is a large "stomper", somewhat like Mecha-Legs from Rayman 3, though more advanced. He's a frequent villain in the series, though not as threatening as the A.C.E.S. or any of the witches or demons. And whenever he's defeated by Aozora, you can expect him and his stomper to be back for revenge. Even without the stomper, he's pretty furious with the series' many gun variants.

That's all for today. If you like, leave me your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see their feet too.

Justin De Lucia said...

Well these sketches are so huge they end up taking up the entire page. Besides, I don't really find the shoes/boots that important compared to other parts of the body. That's not to say I'm against drawing them.