Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mass Character Revamping Project due sometime in the future

Lately I've been getting feedback regarding some of the designs in the series, and to make a long story short there has been some criticism regarding some of the characters being too close to their inspirations visually.

So I decided that at some point once the Aozora's Adventure series starts becoming something truly serious and not just for fun, a number of my creations will be brought back into the drawing or planning board to make them more diverse from their inspirations while still keeping some of the spirit of the character(s) they take inspiration from. The redesigns will likely not happen until I'm able to make games/comics starring the characters (and thus, they will be redesigned when their debut happens), but if it happens sooner then later, then so be it.

This project will be geared towards characters that debuted in Arc 2 and later, with specific targets including the likes of Masayoshi, Sharkane, Nirave, Rodrigo, (maybe) Chouko, Tracker, Mugi, Vauxen, and others that for one reason or another look very close to what they were inspired from. The redesigns will range from small alterations to full-on overhauls. In related terms, all future characters that I inquire for will be built with this rule in mind to make sure they don't eventually have to be edited as well. Plus, any commissioned arts that I receive from this point on featuring these existing characters will include some kind of retool or redesign, whichever ones happen to exist by the time Aozora's Adventure goes serious will replace or be assimilated into the existing designs. Once I get a finalized design, the ShoutWiki (not the Wikia), along with any "appearance" sections will be updated accordingly.

At the moment there is no grand list for what characters will get minor edits, major edits, or a full-on overhaul besides the examples listed above, though do expect a grand majority of the characters with established designs to receive some kind of visual change. Characters with weapons will end up keeping those weapons. To prevent possible situations like these from appearing, when the project launches the "Trivia" sections from each page will be axed completely.

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