Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Aozora's Adventure Character Renovation Project list

Oh boy, a list.

If you saw my previous blog post, you probably know by now that I plan to have a couple of my OC's redone at some point. Below is a detailed list on what characters that are or may be part of this project.
  • Masayoshi: I originally created him based on my favorite Scott Pilgrim character, Matthew Patel. And thus, there are a few spots on his design that look as if they were directly copied from Matthew, and so I decided that some aspects could be changed to greatly loosen up the connection. Maybe a different, more clean and trimmed hair style, new pants, and perhaps a new (or different colored) shirt design.
  • Chinatsu: Chinatsu will go to using a new design provided by LinkerLuis, with some tweaks.
  • Girou: Unsure really if his appearance would need a direct change, as he doesn't have much in common with the two lead males of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Maybe the bandages around his lower chest area could be changed somehow...?
  • Sharkane: While he's not too similar to Sol-Badguy (especially after Sol got redesigned for Xrd), maybe something could happen to his appearance to diverse him up a bit, especially after a particular artwork I received years ago from oroooro on Twitter showed him with a long, red scarf.
  • Nirave: His outfit could be modified to give off less of a DIO feel while maintaining some of that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure feel.
  • Erebos: While the current design is decent, I feel as if it could be overhauled to be more detailed and muscular and represent a far more powerful character while not straying too much towards being an Idaten (from Cho Aniki) copycat.
  • Tracker: Another one I'm not entirely sure needs some kind of revamp or design change, in this case to diverse him from Beat of Jet Set Radio fame or Terry from the F-Zero series.
  • Sawn: I'd like to do some kind of mass overhaul to Sawn to give him an overall more menacing vibe along with finally getting a design made for his "weapon" (his right arm in the form of a massive chainsaw). It'd help with giving good examples of how the other Eleven Weapons would look as well when the time comes to developing them (since they're not really meant to be heroic).
  • Kunz: While I'm satisfied with the current design, it could be redesigned to be a bit more erm.., menacing (but not super-menacing) and bulky. Not to the extent of one of his main inspirations in the form of Big Band from Skullgirls, but definitely larger and sharper in appearance. His weapons would also be redrawn to look less rounded/curved and more like the original sketch provided by Ivore Whitefang.
  • Zacat: Another good design I'm fine with using in it's current state, however the Vash the Stampede elements of his design may be... too obvious? His appearance was also meant to contain some kind of minor nod to Burn Griffiths (from Psychic Force) but it ended up being dropped for the most part in this current design. Not a major candidate for redesigning, but possibly something to consider.
  • Leonore: Again, a pretty solid design, but I'm sure there's something that could be done to make him a less obvious Ardyn clone (including maybe different powers that don't involve dark goopy substances while not being just the obvious "shadow" powers).
  • Blasthor: I dunno why but I'm thinking maybe Blasthor could be a candidate to receive a new design, one that makes him slightly less of a Junkrat/Bakugo clone while still keeping the explosive motif, intense (and insane) personality, and a few elements of his current design. (he also needs a new bomb generator pack attached to the backs of his twin launchers via giant tubes of sorts)
  • Mugi: Mugi is going on this list as he currently looks too much like an Inkling (and his outfit doesn't really suit him as it's a direct clone of Neku Sakuraba's outfit). Something with the same colors but a different, maybe more techy outfit and and redesigned eyes would be a step in the right direction (while also including some example arm transformations)
  • Demija: The design I received needs some visual tweaks to make it more unique compared to DJ Sona, such as her hair. Might also get a name change and some extra inspiration to take design cues from to mix it up even further.
  • Codra: His appearance (as much as I like it so far) needs much more detail, including a bigger afro and a proper weapon that looks more like a gauntlet.
Furthermore, disregarding Arc 5 characters, the following characters need their designs conceptualized and/or completed as well, with some being higher-priority than others:
(for the sake of interest, I put what series/game the character's design would take inspiration from mostly in parentheses, if they have any)

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