Thursday, July 7, 2011

New early concept drafts.

As I had promised, during my trip to upstate New York, I drew up some rough drafts of potential characters for the series. Note that these are rough drafts, so they don't look as professionally done as my art on deviantART, but I was away from my computer, so I didn't really have access to Photoshop and Poser. But anyways, here they are, and feel free to critique their design and modify it to your liking. And for crying out loud, don't criticize them for the bad anatomy. They're just rough drafts!

First: The well-anticipated "darkness" side-story protagonist. Here with the pencil sketch, his main colors appear to be lighter than they really are. Plus, I forgot to mention he also wears a torn-up tuxedo at times rather than the lather jacket. As you can see, he's a male gothic punk similar to Blake, but this character is not a villain, despite being from the same dimension.
Then we have the other two characters. These come from the regular universe; no alternative dimensions, but they are slightly inspired by two characters that perhaps no one knows. The arabian-styled girl on the left is based on (but not a direct rip-off/homage of) the slutty dark-skinned (sorry for the bad interpretation) egyptian boss from Crayon Shin-Chan: Arashi o Yobu: Nendororo n Daihenshin (image here). And sure enough, this girl too, has the same personality as the woman whom she is based on (though the way I drew my character, she looks like she's 17, when in reality, she's supposed to be in the early 20's).

The second character is based on my friend CaisBarlin69's original character, Cais Barlin. However, there are several noticeable differences, like this guy being a wild punk rock-star whom uses a guitar that shoots sonic booms (hmm... where have I heard this before?).

Please note my friends, that I'm not trying to be unoriginal here. I'm attempting to create my own characters so I don't have to steal those from others. And apparently there are the (non-final) designs I came up with during my weekend vacation. Like 'em or not, they're here to say. If you feel as if they're not detailed or designed well enough and originally, go ahead and leave your opinions.

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