Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our favorite Witches of Evil on vacation (slight NSFW)

For $31 USD, I was able to commission deviantARTist Skyraptor to draw up some group artwork of Kurayami, Adelvina, and Alisha (the later whom was designed by SimirrorofShadows). out on the beach after a long day at their dark brisk mansion. He calls the piece "Sunset Girls".
Yea you can tell a lot of people really fancy the queen of darkness (at least for this indie series). It's also the first time we see Alisha in full color following SimirrorofShadow's original sketch, but I'm thing the hair and eyes should be a little more yellowish. And I also want to note the body paint patterns on Kurayami are entirely absent. No problem with that, guess you can say they just washed off.

But aside from that, Skyraptor did an amazing job portraying the three witches. Speaking of, Skyraptor also provided me with some additional bonus artwork. See for yourself.

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