Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aozora's Liquid10 2011 Montage Cameo

Yea, every-time I see fanart of one of my own characters, no matter how big or small, it's going here. Live with it.

So what am I here to state? Well it's not as major as the Blake picture I showcased the other day, but it has Aozora and Joker to say the least. What am I talking about?

Liquid10's recent OC montage,that's what. Well looking for the two is more like a Where's Waldo scenario. They're crammed into the back with a mad bunch of other OC's belonging to Liquid10's friends. But I can't really complain, there's perhaps around 100 characters splotched into the image, and if all of them were the same size, it'd be more crowed then than a boy's changing room during a busy collage day. So to make things simple, I cropped the image into the part that shows Aozora ready to kick some nuts and bolts and the Joker preparing for a sneak attack, greying out any of the other characters not involved with my indie series.
Now do the world a favor and go support Liquid10's masterpiece. There's other beloved OC's that need love.

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